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Triacetate: Eco & High function fabric- Can it be both?

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the fabrics that have been attracting attention recently as sustainable and highly functional textiles, along with their characteristics and the recommended fabrics!

What is triacetate?

Triacetate is a semi-synthetic fiber made by chemically combining cellulose (a fiber element) and acetic acid, which is made from wood pulp.

Since triacetate is a plant-derived fiber that biodegrades when left in nature, it is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly fiber.

Compared to cotton, rayon, and cupro, triacetate is lighter and has a fluffy, wool-like texture.

It also has a silky luster and feel, and excellent coloration. It has moderate moisture absorption, heat retention, and elasticity, and is suitable for pleating.

It is used for a variety of purposes, such as clothing, kimono accessories, shirts, linings, ties, scarves, curtains, and bulbs.

How to handling triacetate

Triacetate wrinkles easily when wet, and the wrinkles are difficult to remove when wet, so when washing, it is necessary to wash the fabric with water under 40 degrees. Also, since it is sensitive to heat, it must be ironed at a low temperature setting. (Steam ironing is not recommended).

What is Soalon?

Soalon is one of the most famous triacetate fabric brands in Japan.

Soalon is a triacetate fabric manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. It is stretchable, quick-drying, cool-touching, wrinkle-resistant, and washable.

In terms of sustainable fabric, it has acquired the FSC® forest certification system, which assures consumers that it originates from responsibly managed forests.

Soalon has also acquired the Biomass mark, which is a mark of environmental products.

Recommend triacetate fabrics list

Triacetate fabric has been attracting attention as a fabric that can be used for everything from outdoor activities to relaxing wear.

The below list are triacetate fabrics that are sustainable, functional, and match the modern fashion trends.

1069008 Soalon X SOLOTEX Ramie Blend Twill

This is a stretch twill made of SOLOTEX and Soalon triacetate. The ramie is twisted with silo spun to give it an elegant suppleness and a light texture. It is a versatile fabric for pants and tops.

Solotex is a highly functional material manufactured by Teijin. It has a spiral molecular structure, which is different from that of ordinary polyester, making it supple like a spring and difficult to wrinkle.

It has a soft texture, morphological recovery, stretchability, and cushioning properties, so it stretches lightly and tries to return firmly.

UNIQLO, a familiar brand, uses Solotex in their sports pants.

Please visit here for Solotex’s article.

1069011 Soalon Triacetate Twill Stretch

In addition to the functions of Soalon, this new material expresses the color tone of hemp through a special spinning method. Its graceful luster gives it a luxurious feel. It is suitable for spring and summer items because of its cool-touching sensation.

1069012 Soalon Triacetate Glen Check Stretch

42574 Voile Washer Processing

This is a synthetic material with a cool and refreshing feel that has a texture reminiscent of linen. It is thin and slightly translucent, and its crisp and smooth texture makes the texture of the material stand out more. It is suitable for spring and summer items.

42575 Minnige Washer

This fabric is characterized by its rough appearance and dry touch, reminiscent of natural materials.

The fabric is rather thin and has a supple drape. It is suitable for spring and summer tops and dresses.


We hope this article helps you get a better glance about Triacetate and Soalon. 

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