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Working with non sew press fasteners: A beginner ‘s guide.

Eventhough press fasteners are somethings common that can found on bags and garments, working with non sew press fasteners can be confusing for beginners. With different elements and size, each style of press fastener requires its own installation tools. So which one will work for your design, let’s find out together!

Non sew press fastener: What is this?

Looking like a regular snap button, non sew fastener is a type of fastener that you can attach with special tools.

It consists of two parts each on the top and bottom, and is made up of four parts in total: Cap, Socket, Stud and Post.

You also need a hand pressure machine to attach the press fastener. Beside the hand pressure, each type of press fastener requires a separate installation tool that matches its size and shape.If the frame of the installation tool does not match, you will not be able to attach the fastener.

How to choose the right press fastener

There are different types of press fasteners.

You will decide which one to use, but first you need to know the characteristics of each.

If you use a thin fabric with strong attachment / detachment, the fabric may be cut off due to the lack of strength. When it comes to thicker fabric may not be able to be attached properly and the press fastener may come off.

It is important to choose the press fastener based on the kind of fabric the usage of the press fastener

Even if it looks good, you may not be able to use what you want.

You can check the product catalog from Morito Website.

MORITO Product Catalog

How to attach a non sew press fastener

Let’s take the 5BX from MORITO as an example. Other product numbers have basically the same structure, so you can take this as referent.

The male side has a part called a cap (818A) and a part called a spring (5BX-B), and the female side has a part called a stud (5BX-C) and a part called a eyelet (5BX-D). Attach it to the bottom front.

From the right: Cap (818A) Spring (5BX-B) stud (5BX-C) eyelet (5BX-D)

Insert the above parts into the installation tool below and drive them in.

This is Morito hand pressure machine.

First, put the top on the hitting tool. This time, first attach the upper front (cap + 5BX-B).

It’s easy to install because it’s just a screw type and a hole.

Set the parts there.

Cap + 5BX-B

After checking the part to attach with the front and back of the fabric then press it.

Next is  5BX-C and 5BX-D.

Set and press in the same way as before.

5BX-C and 5BX-D

​​After put them in the position, try attaching and detaching to check if it is firmly attached.

If the cap turns, you haven’t attached the press fastener properly, so you need to attach them again or replace them.

The installation itself is relatively easy, but please check the position, location, front and back, etc. before pressing down the hand pressure.

Different fabric variation

Non sew press fasteners make holes on the fabric when attached by hand pressure, so  be careful when attaching them.

Make sure to try out different fabric thickness. With some of the fabric, packing may be required, or depending on the place of use, the fabric may overlap and become thick and unsuitable depending on the usage situation.

For thin fabrics-When attaching or detaching non sew press fasteners, the force is applied to the fabric, which may cause the fabric to tear or come off. By sandwiching the packing as a countermeasure, the fabric is artificially thickened. It is safe to add interlining to reinforce it.

For stretchy fabrics-For stretch fabrics and knit fabrics, the holes you hit may widen and the dot buttons may come off. In this case, it is possible to reinforce with tape, attach interlining to suppress tension, and reinforce with stitches around the part to be struck after attaching the interlining.


Even though this time, we take example with Morito, however there are also manufacturers that produce non sew press fasteners like Gondola and YKK.

Make sure to choose the one that suits your usage and specifications.

For more Morito products, please visit our Morito product list.

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