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Morito Japan Exhibition 2024

On Feb 2024, ApparelX visited Morito Japan’s Tokyo Office for their exhibition “冬の陣”, where we were introduced to the newest products and technology of the brand.

Exhibition “冬の陣”

Through all the exhibition, one line catch our eye is Rideeco, which is a Morito’s sustainable product line.

Morito uses used nylon fishing net recycle them to nylon beads and use these beads to produce yarns, fabrics, trims, and other daily items.

Rideeco stands for:

Ride for Eco supporting sustainability

R elation Build relationships and join forces with various industries and industries to create new value

I nitiative Rather than being a bystander, we are working towards a sustainable society ourselves.

D evote Don’t just pursue short-term profits, but dedicate your wisdom to the future of society.

Energy and work with perseverance and energy

Morito website: https://www.morito.co.jp/rideeco/

Some of the products are still under development but we can not wait to upload them on ApparelX website!

If you are looking for trims and accessories for your next collection, do not forget to check out Morito product list.

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