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When it comes to high-quality Craft Fur, Nakano Meriyas is the name to remember!

Hi readers, welcome to another article introducing you to a supplier whose products we have started offering as of late last year.

What is Nakano Meriyas?

Nakano Meriyas Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Nakano Knitting industry/Stockinette industry) is a faux fur manufacturer founded in 1973 in Hashimoto City, Wakayama Prefecture (a production area in Takano Minami-machi).

Their products, known as “Craft Fur,” offer high-quality faux fur fabric materials. In the foothills of Koyasan in this region, the pile industry has traditionally thrived under the flow of the Kii River. Faux fur, in particular, holds a significant share in the domestic market. Their products are crafted from the abundant nature and the inherited skills of artisans, ensuring a reliable quality.

Among the producers in Takano Minami-machi, Nakano Meriyas actively contributes to the dissemination of local traditions and skills. They focus on producing original faux fur products and actively share their work on social media platforms. Please visit their official website and Instagram for more information.

What is Craft Fur?

Craft Fur originated from the Meiji era when the town of Takano Minami-machi, thriving in agriculture, sericulture, and weaving alongside farming, pioneered a unique weaving technique called “Saishi” by Mr. Yasuke Maeda around 1877. Subsequently, the combination of “weaving” and “knitting,” known as pile fabric, gave birth to Craft Fur (Faux Fur). Over the years, it has been referred to as Faux Fur or Eco Fur in contrast to Real Fur.

In recent years, amid growing considerations for sustainable practices in the apparel industry and the ethical treatment of animals, the term “Vegan Fur” has gained popularity in Western countries, signifying cruelty-free garments that don’t exploit animals for fabric extraction. The faux fur from Takano Minami-machi, known as Craft Fur, has garnered attention from top brands worldwide.

Craft Fur goes beyond mere imitation of animal fur, encapsulating the unique tradition of “Saishi” originating from Takano Minami-machi. It is a fabric material created on the basis of Takano Minami-machi Pile, using specialized knitting machines unique to the region and the expertise of skilled craftsmen. Craft Fur combines functionality and beauty, representing a fabric material that transcends the level of imitating animal fur.

(Quoted from Nakano Meriyas official website: https://www.e-nakano.net/)

Products we recommend~

Craft Fur by Nakano Meriyas includes the names of animals it imitates, allowing customers to understand the texture and feeling of the product from its name.

1768 Craft Fur [Light Shearling]

Nakano Meriyas’ most popular item, the standard fur with a shearling-like texture.

It has a pleasant touch, a moderate sheen, and is lightweight, making it a long-selling product suitable for processing. With a wide range of color options, it can be used for various applications, including clothing and miscellaneous goods

NT-1044 Craft Fur【Double Face Sheep】

Craft fur mimicking sheep’s wool, made with double weaving. It has a soft texture with a curled feel to the wool strands.

OT-129 Craft Fur【Small Sheep】

HK-330GT Craft Fur【Shearling Sheep】

Craft fur mimicking sheared sheep wool.

A color range featuring both simple solid colors and intricate expressions woven with two colors of yarn.

The subdued color range makes it suitable for incorporating into men’s casual wear.

NT-2300ク Craft Fur【Hedgehog】

This fabric, featuring a hedgehog motif, is distinctive among craft furs.

I also saw the actual product at a trade show, and I was amazed by the realistic movement of the fur when touched, with the tips of the fur neatly arranged, it was just like a real hedgehog.

NT-1180 Craft Fur【Chinchilla】

NT-9112 Craft Fur【Russian Sable】

Craft fur featuring Russian sable, often hailed as the “king of furs.” With its longer pile, it offers a soft texture that exudes luxury.

NT-9372 Craft Fur【Blue Fox】

Craft fur resembling blue fox. With a sophisticated grey mix color and a substantial volume, it provides an elegant texture.

The color appears differently based on the lighting, adding a touch of luxury.

WW-115 Craft Fur【Long Shaggy】

A cute color lineup with soft and gentle tones, making it highly recommended for women’s items.

Where can Fur be used?

We’ve introduced various Craft Furs, let’s briefly summarize how they are used in the apparel industry!


・Fur vest

A fashion item primarily used in women’s wear. Since the focus is more on fashion than warmth, fur with longer strands or distinctive textures is recommended.

・Inner Vest

In recent years, there’s a growing trend of intentionally wearing inner vests visible in items like trench coats. For inner use, fur with shorter strands is preferable.

Outerwear Application

While full fur outerwear is adorable, let’s explore fur as an accent, which can be detachable for a 2-way style.

・Pocket details

In women’s outerwear, fur is often combined with Melton fabric. For coats without collars, pocket details can be an attractive accent.

・Collar/Sleeve details

Using fur on the collar enhances the overall look, especially in collarless coats. Applying fur on sleeves can create a polished impression.

Other uses

In recent years, fur accessories have gained popularity in the apparel industry. For those hesitant about full fur garments, items like bags, hats, and scarves can still infuse trends and seasonal vibes.


We hope this introduction the Nakano Meriyas was insightful.

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