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What is Banshu-Ori Fabric Manufacturer, Kuwamura Textile!? Introducing Recommended Fabrics

In this article, we’ll be introducing Kuwamura Textile, a fabric manufacturer whose products we have started putting up on ApparelX. We’ll also explain what Banshu-Ori (Banshu region weave) fabric is all about, so please take a moment to read.

About Kuwamura Co.Ltd

Kuwamura Textile is an established textile manufacturer founded in 1928, located in Hyogo Prefecture, primarily dealing with fabrics. The fabrics handled vary slightly by department, and the textiles introduced on ApparelX are from the Textile Division 1, Section 2.

In this division, they handle a wide range of fabrics for clothing, including shirts, outerwear, dresses, and bottoms for both women and men. Their offerings span from casual to dressy, covering both classics and trendy items.

Additionally, they can produce original fabrics from the planning stage as a special order.

While their main focus is on yarn-dyed cotton, they also stock trendier materials such as eco-friendly fabrics and Tencel.

What is Banshu-Ori Fabric

It’s an area centered around Nishiwaki City, and the fabric production method is known for yarn-dyeing, making it a production area with a 70% domestic share in yarn-dyed woven fabrics. Yarn-dyeing before weaving allows the creation of patterns like stripes and checks directly from the woven structure. This unique texture is widely used in fabrics for shirts, handkerchiefs, and other apparel items by many manufacturers.

Because patterns can be created directly from the woven structure, it’s possible to achieve a texture that cannot be replicated with prints or other methods.

TOP 3 Recommended Fabrics

I will introduce three recommended fabrics currently available. Please check the link for a video showcasing their textures.

ST-9183 80/2 Blue Stripe

A refreshing blue stripe broadcloth made with 80-count double-twisted yarn. This luxurious fabric, often used for dress shirts due to the fineness of the yarn, exudes a sense of sophistication.

ST-9183 80/2ブルーストライプ[生地] 桑村繊維

CH-6338 Triple Yarn Twill Ombre Check

Woven with three strands of thick 16-count yarn, this fabric is crafted in a relaxed manner to achieve a soft and comfortable texture. The gradual coloration results in a versatile ombre pattern, and due to the characteristics of the weave, the alignment of the warp-colored yarn has a slightly random appearance. It feels very pleasant.

CH-6338 トリプルヤーンツイルオンブレチェック[生地] 桑村繊維

CHL-6342 40/1 Linen Down Proof Natural Wrinkle Washer Processing

This is a 40-count twill fabric with cotton in the warp and cotton/linen in the weft. It is a robust material with a tightly woven plain weave, offering firmness and versatility suitable for various uses, including shirts, lightweight outerwear, and bottoms.

CHL-6342 40/1綿麻ダンプナチュラルリンクルワッシャー[生地] 桑村繊維

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