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Japanese Manufacturers you should know: QueenAce (Kasai) Introduction

In this article, let’s take a deeper look at nylon belts and Queen Ace tapes from Kasai, which are mainly used for bags.

Queen Ace

Basic Information

This brand is developed by an Osaka-based company called Kasai, and is mainly for bags and belts. Nylon is their most common material, however, cotton, acrylic, polyester, and other materials tapes also available.

Kasai designs, manufactures, and sells its own fabrics and tapes while wholesaling accessories.

Kasai Co., Ltd.

3-3-17 Shariji, Ikuno-ku, Osaka, 544-0022, Japan

Phone: +81-6-6718-221


Kasai have a lineup of nylon materials and colors that is second to none, with a reputation for high quality. Kasai are also developing products from various angles, such as high-density nylon and hollow-fiber nylon.

Secondary processing on tapes is also possible, including printing, of course, but also brand logo imprinting by embossing. They are also developing new processes every day, and offer cord tip processing. This is a process in which the tied string ends are dipped in a special pigment, and then dried so that the pigment adheres to the string ends. It may not suitable for apparel application due to its fastness.


Cord Tip Processing

Recommended Products

Let take a look at some of Queen Ace’s recommended products.

1065 Silky Touch Tape

Silky Touch is a tape with a very elegant and luxurious luster. It is also lightweight, not too heavy, and easy to use, using hollow fibers despite being densely woven. Since it is nylon, it can also be dyed afterwards.

1065 is a high-end luxury tape with higher price tag.

4337 LOHAS Rayon/Linen Tape

4337 ロハス レーヨン/リネンテープ[リボン・テープ・コード] QUEEN ACE(葛西)

This tape can be used as a piping or handle for tote bags, etc. The tape is made of linen and rayon in a blend that is not often seen in apparel. The melange texture gives it a unique feel, and the word “LOHAS” fits well with this product.

1034 Sheet Tube Bag Weave Tape

This tape has a luster reminiscent of the seatbelt you fasten when you get into a car, but it is much thicker than an actual seatbelt. It is a very thick and strong tape often used for belts, business bags, backpacks, and so on. It is also more expensive because it uses more raw materials.


What do you think about Queen Ace and Kasai product line?

They also acrylic and polyester tapes available. If you are interested in bags or belts, definitely check them out!

If you are looking for Queen Ace products, please visit Queen Ace products page.

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