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Japanese Manufacturers you should know: Nitto Scotch Buttons

Have you ever heard of a button manufacturer called Nitto Buttons?

Or perhaps you have heard of “Scotch Buttons”?

Nitto Buttons is a button manufacturer with a long history and insists on being made in Japan.

This time, let’s find out more about the manufacturer Nitto Buttons, and their recommend products!

Nitto Button

Nitto Buttons was founded in 1949 as a manufacturer of urea buttons.

Currently, the company is headquartered in Tokyo and has two factories in Nagano Prefecture.

With many years of know-how and advanced technology, Nitto Buttons continues to produce domestically with a commitment to “Made in Japan”.

A representative product is “Scotch Buttons.

The birth of this product dates back to 1959, and it is now a representative example of urea material buttons that are well-known worldwide.

Commitment to SDGs

Nitto Buttons is also an enthusiastic manufacturer that is committed to SDGs.

One example is the development of buttons using bagasse (squeezed sugarcane residue generated when sugar is pressed to produce sugar). By utilizing a resource that has traditionally been discarded, the company is contributing to the shift to a resource-recycling society.

In 2018, Nitto Button became the first urea button to be certified as “Biomass 30,” and they have continued to make improvements since then, obtaining certification as “Biomass 40” in 2023.

*Biomass is a concept that describes the amount of biological resources, organic resources derived from plants and animals that can be recycled into energy and materials (fossil resources such as oil and coal are excluded). Biomass 30″ refers to the amount of biomass 30 of the raw material. Biomass 30″ indicates that at least 30% of the raw material is biomass.

Since 2020, Nitto Button has also been registered as a Nagano Prefecture SDGs Promotion Company.

Reccomend Products

Scotch Button Series

A representative product of Nitto Buttons, manufactured since 1959, these buffalo-like buttons are made from urea resin.

While faithfully reproducing the fine patterns and colors of real buffalo, these buttons can be supplied in large quantities at a lower cost than the real thing, and are well known worldwide.

In addition, all urea resin buttons have been certified as having a biomass content of 30% or more, and the new product to be released in 2023 will be certified as having a biomass content of 40% or more, thus contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

UNICON Button Series

A nature-toned button that takes advantage of the transparency and fluid nature of polyester.

It has a different design from the urea material scotch button.

This series is popular mainly for ladies’ and men’s casual wear.

Bagasse Button Series

Bagasse is the squeezed residue generated when sugar cane is pressed to produce sugar.

Bagasse, which used to be a waste resource with 100 million tons discharged annually, is now used as part of the raw materials for Nitto Button’s bagasse button series.

These sustainable products represent Nitto Button’s commitment to the SDGs.

Amino Button Series

This button was developed to improve the heat and water resistance of urea resin.

By adding bagasse as well as urea to the raw materials, the Aminobutton Series has improved heat and water resistance while maintaining the texture of the Scotch Series.

While passing the “F3” test, one of the criteria for judging washability, this hybrid button is also certified as having a “biomass degree of 30% or more,” a certification that is a testament to Nitto Button’s technological capabilities.

SCOTCH Button 160

This is a highly versatile and standard product in the Scotch series.

The surface has a matte finish for a subdued atmosphere.

The size range is from 11.5mm to 28mm, so it can be used for various purposes such as jackets, coats, and pants.

It is also available in many colors, making it an all-purpose button.

SCOTCH Button 161

While scotch160 has a matte finish, this is a scotch button with a glossy finish.

Like scotch160, it is available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Although they are made of the same urea resin, the impression is quite different between the matte and glossy versions.


This is a traditional product in the UNICORN button series.

It is made of polyester resin.

It has a different color and texture from the Scotch button series.


This button is based on the concept of “creating a product that is understated, yet elegant and has a sense of presence.

As the concept is expressed, the edge part is glossy and the inside is finished in poppy, making it an attractive button that seems to fit in naturally with clothes while being distinctive.


This is a polyester button with a bulged center inside the edge.

Its distinctive shape and luster give it a strong presence.

It is a button that will catch the eye of anyone who sees it, whether on a jacket or a casual item.


This is a buffalo style urea button, but with a tanuki hole.

Tanuki-hole buttons are buttons with a smaller hole for thread from the front to the back of the button.

This hole shape has the advantage that the thread used to sew the button is less likely to break.

They are also distinctive in appearance and have an appeal that sets them apart from other buttons.


This is Nitto Button’s original nut-like button.

The advantage of this product is that it is colored at the raw material stage, so there is no color blurring or fading.

Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, this is a standard nut button product that can be used for a wide range of jackets, coats shirts, and knits.


This is also a nut-like urea button.

Compared to the standard UNUT, it is thicker and has a bulging shape.

It has luster and a high design quality, so it is a button that will be useful as an accent regardless of formal or casual wear.


We hope you have a better understanding of Nitto Button, a brand that is committed to made in Japan products and is also passionate about sustainability.

ApparelX also carries many other product numbers in addition to those introduced here.

We plan to add more Nitto Buttons products in the future, so please check back!

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