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SS24 Trends | Fabric, Colors, and Trims

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The 2024 Spring/Summer Collection Weeks were held from September to October. Despite the world’s uncertain circumstances, many collections were presented that conveyed the thoughts and ideas of each designer towards fashion.

As an impression of the 2024 Spring/Summer collections, there was a continuation of trends from the 2023-24 Autumn/Winter season, with many updates to those trends. However, distinctive differences were observed among brands, creating a sense of diversification.

In this blog, we will go through some of the styles and materials that will be trending from the 2024 Spring/Summer collection! We will also introduce recommended materials from ApparelX that align with the trends of 2024 Spring/Summer, so please be sure to read until the end.

Trend Direction


(instagram @theattico)

The trend of sheer materials, which has continued for the past few seasons, persists in the current season as well.

In autumn/winter, the sheer trend featured translucency combined with a sense of weight and elegance. In contrast, this season’s trend focuses on lightweight and airy impressions with sheer materials.

Many brands are showcasing a light and airy impression using sheer items in nuanced colors, which are also trending colors. Brands are expressing a lively movement by incorporating sheer materials into dresses and skirts.

Quiet Luxury

(Instagram @therow)

The emerging trend of ‘Quiet Luxury.

It refers to a style that expresses luxury through the quality of materials and refined patterns, with understated colors and designs, without making a strong statement through logos or bold designs.

Representative brands like ‘The Row’ and ‘Jill Sander,’ and even brands like ‘Gucci’ and ‘Fendi,’ showcased looks in this season with a particular focus on Quiet Luxury.

Trend Color


(Instagram @ferragamo)

Continuing from last season, red items are still prominently featured in many collections.

Last season saw many vivid red items, and while there are still vivid ones this season, there is an impression of a more diverse use of red, incorporating a variety of shades.

In particular, ‘Ferragamo’ has continued to prominently feature red, expanding its use with a broader range compared to last season.


(Instagram @parisfashionweek)

Alongside the prominence of vivid colors, there were also many calm blues and greens, reminiscent of pastel colors.

These soft colors pair exceptionally well with sheer materials and fabrics with drape, exuding a subtle yet impactful presence.


(Instagram @dawei_studio)

Items in luxurious colors such as silver and gold were also widely observed.

Styles ranging from outfits completely covered in metallic colors to looks where hints of metallic were used in accessories and as decorative accents were presented, showcasing a wide range of incorporation.

Trend Material

Sheer Fabric

(Instagram @theattico)

As mentioned in the trend direction, sheer materials continue to be a trend this season as well.

Classic sheer materials such as chiffon, tulle, and organza are being used. However, there is a particular popularity for nuanced colors that can express lightness, especially in sheer fabrics.


(Instagram @driesvannoten)

This trend has been gaining momentum for the past few seasons as well.

Until now, distressed denim, Y2K, and street-style influenced denim were prevalent. However, this season, there is a movement towards a return to clean and simple denim.

Similar to Quiet Luxury, this trend highlights the excellence of materials and silhouette, focusing on the quality of both.

Flowy/Drape Material

(Instagram @kikokostadinov)

This season, there is a prevalent style that incorporates materials with a flowing, slightly glossy texture into fluid silhouettes.

While the fabric materials vary, it is undeniable that satin weaving was extensively used.

The compatibility of this trend with nuanced colors, which are also trend colors, is outstanding.

Suggested trend materials from ApparelX

Now let me introduce materials on ApparelX that align with each trend!

Sheer | ApparelX

SLG1000 Silk Chiffon 10 momme

Here, we have the classic silk chiffon. It can create a beautiful translucency and drape effect.
3000 Silk Organza

Here is another classic, 100% silk organza.
It is perfect for those looking for a sheer material with a firm texture

KKF8100 Samora Dyed Power Net Tulle

This is the Uni Textile net tulle.
Uni Textile specializes in trendy sheer materials.

Quiet Luxury | ApparelX

2-510780 Paper-like Wool Gabardine

Although ‘Quiet Luxury’ is originally a term for luxury brands, the influence of this word has increased the demand for high-quality materials. Here is a luxurious gabardine fabric produced in Oizumi.。

SLK120 Pure Silk Habutai 12 Momme

Here is an original silk habutai fabric from Okura Shoji.
With a wide range of color options, you can choose from various shades, including the nuanced colors trending this season to vibrant hues.

Metallic | ApparelX

578 Avail (Metallic Pearl)

Polyurethane synthetic leather specialized in metallic colors. It’s a bold material, but perfect for this season’s trend, so now is the ideal time to use it!
113-1086 Metallic Lame Braid

Using metallic colors as a focal point can express a trendy vibe.
While this braid may be quite flashy, it is easy to incorporate it without looking out of place this season.

Denim | ApparelX

MY7373 14oz Color Denim

This denim fabric is from Yoshikawa Orimono, a denim manufacturer in Okayama Prefecture.
It is basic yet comes in a wide range of colors. Cuts are available up to 10 meters.
N1337 13oz. Organic Cotton Denim

This denim fabric features a duck textile style.
It is a sustainable denim, woven with organic cotton and organic recycled cotton in the weft.

Flowy/Draping Material | ApparelX

SLK160 Pure Silk Satin 16 momme

Okura Shoji’s original 100% silk 16 momme satin. With a rich color range, it perfectly embodies the keywords of this season’s trend, such as a flowing luster and draped texture.

7400 Brilliant Satin

Suncorona Oda’s polyester satin. With just the right level of shine that isn’t too bold, it’s a fabric that embodies this season’s trend.
Suncorona Oda also offers a wide selection of trending women’s materials.

This is a peach skin satin fabric.

The manufacturer Cosmo Textile specializes in fabrics with a masculine touch. While this fabric has a higher weight compared to the satin fabrics introduced earlier, being peach skin adds a glossy finish. Depending on how it’s used, it could express a trendy vibe.


We went through the materials and colors that are gaining attention based on the trends for the 2024 Spring/Summer season. And we have a wide range of materials available for you all on ApparelX, so please take a look at the trend materials.

We hope this article was informative and interesting; let us know what you think in the comments!

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