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Introducing SUNWELL’s recommended casual fabrics!

Hello, this is Kayaba an ApparelX News editor.

Today I will introduce some recommended fabrics for casual wear from SUNWELL, one of the most biggest textile company in Japan.

We will also introduce organic cotton fabrics and other SDG-conscious materials.

So let’s take a look.

CO. Organics

“Cordot Organics” is organic cotton grown by people and nature.

It contains the power of the five elements of nature.

SOFT TOUCH (beloved touch)

BREATH (breathing fiber)

SAFETY (Safety and Security)


DISCHARGE (electricity dissipation)

Regular cotton is also gentle on the skin, but organic cotton is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which not only has less of an adverse effect on the environment, but also helps protect the health of the people who grow it, making it a material that is gentle on the environment, the body, and the producers.

14343 CO. Organics(TM) 30s Twill Check

The “CO. Organic” series is made of 100% organic cotton.

It is a medium-weight twill with a natural and smooth texture.

It is washed to give it a natural, washed-out look.

It is available in a calm color tartan check.

26221 CO. Organics Brashed Twill Stripe

It is soft and supple, with a brushed processing on both sides.


“Reflax” is a linen-like fabric with a natural feel and dry texture.

It is a multifunctional fabric that resists wrinkling and fluffing.

The characteristics of this fabric are as follows,

  1. WASHABLE Machine washable with minimal shrinkage.
  2. EASY CARE Wrinkle resistant and can be ironed without ironing.
  3. DEEP COLOR Vivid darker colors can be expressed compared to linen.
  4. KEEP CLEAR Less pilling and long-lasting cleanliness even after repeated use.

52316 Reflax Twill Stretch

It has a stretch recovery rate of more than 80%, which is outstanding among the Reflax series. It is slightly thin, and has a relaxed mood with maintaining a fine, firm texture.

52318 Reflax Tropical Stretch

This is a multifunctional, medium-thickness plain weave material made of 100% polyester. It has a dry touch with a crisp feel, and its two-way stretch allows it to stretch both horizontally and vertically for a comfortable fit.


This is a wool-like fabric with a soft and fluffy texture among the Lanatec series.

It is wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable. Easy to care for and pleasant to the touch, it is a utility material that blends in well with everyday life.

52311  LANATEC(R)LEI 4way Twill

A highly sensitive and functional soft wool-like fabric with excellent easy care properties and resistance to pilling.

Its four-way elasticity provides a comfortable fit. It has a melange look and feel with a slightly thin, soft puffiness and supple drape.


Thank you for reading to the end.

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