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Eco-friendly lining made of recycled PET yarn [#ECL] series

Hello, this is Kayaba, ApparelX News editor.

This time I’d like to focus on sustainable linings using recycle fabric!

PET bottles are said to be a major cause of ocean pollution… The annual use of PET bottles in the world is said to be about 480 billion bottles.
In Japan, it is said that about 23.2 billion bottles are used annually.
The collection rate of PET bottles in Japan is about 92%, and the recycling rate is about 85%.
The difference between Japan and the rest of the world is obvious when you compare the recycling rate of PET bottles in Europe, which is about 42%… You can see how high the level is in Japan.

I’d like to introduce you to a lining made from recycled PET polyester yarn, which is a product of the corporate efforts of manufacturers in Japan, a country that is a major recycling powerhouse.


Material : 100% polyester (47% PET recycled yarn)

122cm width x 100m/roll

Color: 5 colors available

It has a smooth finish and an anti-static anti-pollution finish.

It’s not available in many colors, but it’s bound to become a staple lining item in the future!


Material : 100% polyester (55% PET recycled yarn)

122cm width x 50m/roll

Color: 5 colors available

This is a version of the S5075(staple of a lining) that uses recycled polyester.

The S5075 is known for its large number of colors, and this ECL5075 is currently available in five colors.

If this becomes a standard item in the future, the number of colors will increase. Please keep an eye out for future developments!


While products that respond to the SDGs are attracting attention, manufacturers are applying their various wisdoms in the form of new products.

We hope that we can help you come up with ideas for the “standard of the future” by providing as many suggestions as possible.

Please feel free to inquire about even the smallest details.

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