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Sustainable buttons: Osaka Daiya Button-2022 SS Collection

Hi guys, this is Jane again. In this sustainable series, we keep talking about different types of sustainable fabric. However, our clothes are not just made from fabric. Trims and accessories are also an essential part of the fashion industry. This time, let’s find out about the exciting side of accessories, buttons. 

 One of the popular trims & accessories manufacturers of ApparelX, Daiya Buttons has just launched their newest 2022 Spring Summer Sustainable Collection. With a great variety of size, design as well as material, I think we should go through this collection and see what Daiya Buttons offers in 2022. 

 25% recycled PET buttons (GRS certified)

 Specialized in smaller size, this is a series of shell-like buttons. 

 Post-consumer material buttons 

From polyester resin, recycled PET resin that we throw away everyday, the raw material was made. Pre order products are also included in this series. 

 Waste material discharged during manufacturing 

These buttons are made from reusing waste (Nylon) material, reducing waste and carbon dioxide from burning waste to the environment. 

 30%biomass button (Plant derived) 

With an excellent design that reminds us of buffalo horn and nut buttons, this series also has a nice texture that is suitable for men’s fashion. 

 We hope you have a better idea about Daiya Button Sustainable Collection. For more Daiya Buttons and Sustainable Products, please visit ApparelX.  

Hi guys, this is Jane, the editor of ApparelX News. As a foreigner living in Tokyo, I hope my posts will help international readers get an overview about Japanese fashion industry as well as Japanese culture!

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