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TOHO BEADS, A Leading Bead Maker in Japan

Hello, this is Daisuke one of the APX news editors.

In this issue, we would like to introduce parts, beads, materials, and other decorative parts for making accessories.

What is TOHO BEADS ?

We believe that TOHO BEADS is the most famous bead maker in Japan.

Beads made of glass are called “glass beads,” and in fact there are only three companies that manufacture glass beads in Japan. One of these companies is TOHO BEADS.

TOHO BEADS was founded in Hiroshima in 1951 as a glass bead manufacturing company, and today offers more than 10,000 types of glass beads.

Glass beads manufacturing process

Next, we will show you how glass beads are manufactured.

TOHO BEADS glass beads are produced at a factory in Hiroshima, Japan. The glass and coloring materials are mixed by craftsmen who make fine adjustments.

Some of the beads undergo as many as 30 processes to produce the colorful colors and brilliance. It is amazing that 30 processes are packed into one small bead.

Then we would like to introduce the features of TOHO BEADS, which boasts such advanced manufacturing technology.

Features of TOHO BEADS’ Products

Large hole

Toho beads are made with large holes. This allows for a greater number of threads and tugs to be threaded through the beads, and each bead weighs less due to the large holes.

High quality with no variation in size or error

The beads produced with high technology are used worldwide as MADE IN JAPAN beads of the highest quality with no variation in size or error.

Many people have experienced the frustration of trying to thread a needle through a bead, only to find that the needle does not pass through a mixture of small one due to size variations…! Toho Beads was created to solve these problems.

TOHO BEADS considers not only the beauty of the beads’ appearance, but also the people who use them.


Now that we’ve introduced you to what TOHO BEADS has to offer, let’s see what they actually have to offer!

Round Beads (Small or Large)

Round beads, a staple of bead embroidery and bead accessories, are available in a considerable variety of colors and finish finishes. It is nice to have many choices to match the atmosphere of the work you want to create!

Acrylic Cut Beads Diamond Shape

アクリルカットビーズ ダイヤ型 アクリルカットビーズ ダイヤ型[雑貨その他] TOHO BEADS

These beads are made of acrylic material and cut into a diamond shape with a beautiful shine.

Round Pearl

丸型パール 丸型パール[雑貨その他] TOHO BEADS

Round pearl buttons made of urea resin are available in a wide range of sizes and a total of nine colors. Although these are standard pearl buttons, they can be used in a variety of ways, such as by themselves or in combination with other beads.

Thread For Bead Stitching “One G”

It is a 100% nylon thread developed for bead stitching and is strong with little fluff. I have actually used this thread, and I recommend it for making beaded accessories.

Thank You for Reading as Far

Each bead is small, but it is a gem filled with the high technology and various thoughts that Japan prides itself on.

Please take a look at our wide variety of TOHO BEADS lineup on ApparelX!

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