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Explanation of the Characteristics of High Performance Materials! 〜Japan Toray Prime Flex® Fabric

Hi guys, this is Hazel from ApparelX Global

Today I’m going to introduce that high performance fabric Prime Flex® from Japan Toray.Toray Industries, Inc. (東レ株式会社, Tōre Kabushiki-gaisha) is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan that specializes in industrial products centered on technologies in organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biochemistry.

What’s is Prime Flex®?

Prime Flex is a high-performance material made by Toray Industries, Inc. and used for various apparel items such as sportswear, shirts, casual jackets, pants, and various other garments.

Toray has technological strength in synthetic fibers, and this development power has also been put into Primeflex.

When you wear Primeflex™, you will experience uncompromised comfort of the highest order. Whether you’re battling the elements across mountain summits or trekking through Alpine valleys, Primeflex™ provides the versatility, comfort and function that the conditions demand.

All this while remaining so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Fusing function with fashion requires a meticulous and highly detailed approach to design.
Toray’sR&D team spent years refining the construction to produce a luxurious and highly adaptable fabric suitable for all types of activity.

The yarn has a bimetallic structure, consisting of two polymers with different properties, which are bonded together to form a spiral structure that gives it elasticity.

What is a polymer?
A polymer is a substance or material consisting of very large molecules, or macromolecules, composed of many repeating subunits.
The polymer is melted with heat or solvent, extruded through a small holes, and cooled to produce synthetic fibers.

Well, it can be said that polymer is a raw material for synthetic fibers. And this bimetallic structure of polymers laminated together is…

What is bimetallic structure?

A bimetallic structure is the shape of a synthetic fiber thread made of two component polymers bonded together, which is similar to the structure of a metal plate on a thermometer.

In fact, the cross section of the Primeflex thread is also a combination of both types!

Quoted from Toray Industries’ website
Cross-section of nylon yarn with bimetallic structure
The cross-section has a clear division.

Now I want to explain some of the features of Primeflex, which is considered to be highly functional!


Primeflex™ fabric is constructed using a bi-component cross-sectional structure that provides high levels of stretchability. This means it’s ideal for a wide array of uses as it provides a free range of movement to ensure there are no restrictions to your chosen activity. Whether you are trying to improve your swing on the golf course, doing squats in the gym or running hard on the track, Primeflex™ features the flexibility required to elevate your performance to the next level.


Flexible fabric is increasing in demand from consumers, from those looking for the most comfortable and adaptable activewear to those seeking on-trend fashion. Primeflex™ is fully customisable to users’ needs, and Toray can tailor fabrics and yarns to suit each type of consumer, whether they are looking for high-end soft and durable yoga leggings or a suit featuring stretchability to cycle to work in.

Primeflex™ material can be customised for specific consumers’ requirements, from those looking for sportswear and activewear to those seeking fashion or business clothing. By combining expertise with other brands, Primeflex™ can be used in clothing designed for use by those in everything from yoga studios and boardrooms to forests and nightclubs. With Primeflex™ you can customise without compromise.

3.Sustainable Steps

Toray is constantly exploring ways to be more environmentally conscious with its choice of materials and chemical processes in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the planet.

We used polymer quality control and advanced spinning technology to create a new Primeflex™ stretch fabric that is even more environmentally responsible.

Primeflex™ currently comprises 18% plant-based material for polyester, and 30% for nylon. We are continuously evolving and looking for new and innovative ways to source and create material. We are launching a new recycled fabric made from 68% environmentally friendly materials, and our ultimate aim is to create a truly sustainable material with the same level of comfort in the future.

Our recommended Primeflex fabrics

K9746B プライムフレックス[生地] 日本ストレッチ
K9746B Prime Flex

Recommended for sportswear and innerwear.
A variety of colors to choose, and fluorescent colors suit for summer are also available.

FF1641 プライムフレックス 厚手タイプ[生地] 日本ストレッチ
FF1641 Prime Flex Thick Type
FF641 is much thicker than K9746B, the touch and texture of the fabric is perfect.


We hope this article helps you get a better glance about non sew press fastener manufacturers as well as different types of press fasteners that are available on the market.

Make sure to choose the one that suits your usage and specifications.

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