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Customized Aglets: Things you might not know

Eventhough aglets only make a small detail in our clothes but we can not ignore such an important part like aglets. Do you know that aglet can be customized and become outstanding accessories of the outfit? Let’s find out together!

What is an aglet?

Aglet is a piece of wrapping a cylindrical tape, creating a tube shape around the end of a round or flat cord to prevent it from fraying.

You can see these aglets at both ends of a shoelace or hoodie.

SHINDO, a familiar cord and ribbon manufacturer on ApparelX offers their custom-ordered aglets: The aglet tip print.

Aglet tape is made on tape as shown below. The aglet is set in a special machine and made by wrapping both ends of a cord cut into a cusped shape with the tube.

Aglet Color Range

Aglet are basically transparent, but some manufacturers offer colored chips.

However, not all manufacturers have colored aglets. SHINDO and Korudon are big manufacturers that produce colored aglets.

From Shindo website
From Korudon 

Usually designers will use the manufacturer’s cord for anglet processing, but in some cases they will accept cord brought in, so it is a good idea to discuss with the manufacturer beforehand.

Aglet Custom-made Prints

It is possible to print a brand’s logo, icon, or pattern to create an original tube tip.

Here is an example of how it is made by SHINDO.

Minimum Order Quantity: 400 pieces

Shell color: transparent only

Color tubes cannot be used because the print is printed on the inside of the tube to prevent the print from coming off due to friction.


  • Design Printing: Starting from 100USD, price varies depending on the pattern. The more detailed the pattern and the complicated of number of characters, the higher the price
  • Tube: Starting from 100 USD, the larger the quantity, the cheaper it will be.
  • Processing fee: Starting from 100 USD

How to create your customized aglet:

  • Decide the design: You can use handwritten designs, however  AI file is the most recommend.
  • Tube creation: If the preliminary data is finalized, it will be printed on the cell. In the case of logos, etc., when deciding the pitch of the print, it is easier to convey the message by choosing the thickness of the code as a guide. In some cases, samples can be made, but a separate sample fee may be charged.
  • Printing: Printing the created data – Confirmation of printed data
  • Completion: Make it with your favorite cord!

The entire process above can take around 1~2 months.


There is not much article about small detailed like aglets, so we hope this article gives you a better glance about aglets and cords.

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