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LAMPO Zipper: Luxury zipper from Italy

YKK is a very popular zipper brand, but there are other zipper brands we should take into consideration as well. This time, let talk about Lampo Zipper, a made in Italy zipper and one of the most luxurious zipper out there.

What is Lampo Zipper?

Lampo Zipper is a zipper sold by LANFRANCHI, a leading Italian zipper manufacturer established in 1887.

Lampo zippers are characterized by a beautiful plating process and a wide range of variations not found in other types of zippers.

It is used by many luxury brands and has been called “the most beautiful zipper in the world”.

The stunning plating and abundant variations of pulls are proof that the company has been meeting the needs of designers for many years.

The craftsmanship that is unique to Italians lies at the root of the company’s manufacturing, and has been passed down from generation to generation.

The Super Lampo, as the name implies, is a special Lampo.

As the top line of Lampo zippers, the elements (teeth) are carefully polished one by one, giving them a beautiful luster.

The design of the zipper is so beautiful that it is almost as if it were an ornament.

Lampo zippers are often used in top designer purses like Prada or Balenciaga.

Introduction of LAMPO Zipper

Here are some of the LAMPO zippers that ApparelX carries:

SL-3COLIBRI-CLOSED Super LAMPO (Eco) size 3 close ended

This Colibri is more slender and beautiful than the usual size 3. A wide variety of colors are in stock.

SL-T8-TANK-TWOE Super Lampo(Eco) Size 8 TANK Reverse Opening

TANK with symmetrical teeth (for smooth slider movement). The teeth are thicker than usual, giving it a heavier feel. Ideal for bags and leather goods.

Where to buy Lampo zippers

ApparelX carries Super Lampo, our top-of-the-line zipper.

However, open and reverse zippers are made in single lengths (80cm or 100cm), so you will need to purchase the entire length.

For open and reverse ended zippers, it is possible to process the excess portion into a close ended zipper.

When ordering from ApparelX, do not forget to indicate in the length (cm) and the excess portion of the zipper that you would like in the order remark section.

Notes on ordering

Length estimation

As we mentioned earlier, open and reverse zippers can be processed with the excess portion chain. However, if the length of the close ended is too short, it may not be possible to process. For example from 100cm chain to 50 cm open ended zipper  and 50 cm for close ended zipper.

It may take 3cm of extra length of chain from each of the top and bottom zipper to process your order.

Lead time

The number we have in stock is a sample quantity, so if you order in large quantity, it may take 1-2 months to process. Please be careful when place your order.


Lampo zippers will give your design a much more luxurious look when you add one to your collection. For more information regarding LAMPO zippers, please visit ApparelX LAMPO’s product list.

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