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Popular zipper brands in Japan: Can you name all of them?

When talking about Japanese zippers, most people think of  YKK.

However, there are numerous zipper manufacturers in the world.

This time, let go through some of the zipper manufacturers from around the world that is popular in Japanese market


Tokyo Office (Headquarter): PMO Akihabara-Kita, 1-31-7 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo

URL: https://lyncs.ykkfastening.com/shop/default.aspx

With an estimated 80% share of the domestic market and 40% share of the global market, YKK is known for its zippers.

With offices and factories around the world, the company has earned the absolute trust of the customers because YKK’s  high in-house standards of quality control is typical of Japanese manufacturers.

YKK offers a wide range of products, from inexpensive coil zippers to high-end metal zippers like EXCELLA.

YKK AP, a group company, is also a major player in aluminum building materials, making it a large global company.

Asahi zipper Corporation / WALDES

Head office and factory: 1364 Asahi-cho, Nabari City, Mie Prefecture

URL: http://www.waldes.co.jp/

A Japanese zipper manufacturer established in 1953.

It is a high quality zipper manufacturer that has reissued the WALDES zipper brand that existed in the U.S. in the 1930s, and makes American vintage zippers using the same old manufacturing method.

Even though the manufacturing method is the same as in the old days, the quality control is as solid as that of a Japanese manufacturer.

Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi S.p.A. / Lampo

Via Giuseppe Zanardelli 28, 25036 Palazzolo sull’Oglio (BS) – Italy

URL: https://www.lampo.eu/en/

Lampo is a leading Italian manufacturer of zippers, established in 1887.

The company was originally a button manufacturer, but switched to producing zippers after World War II, and has become synonymous with high-end zippers.

SuperLampo, the highest quality line, is nicknamed “the most beautiful zipper in the world” for its beautiful plating and design.

SuperLampo has been used by many high-end brands.

ApparelX is the authorized distributor of Lampo zipper in Japan.

Riri SA / riri

Via al Gas, 3 CH-6850 Mendrisio – Switzerland

URL: https://www.riri.com/

A leading Swiss zipper manufacturer established in 1936.

Like Lampo, it is a high-end zipper brand with a reputation for sturdiness.

The sound of the zipper when opening and closing is impressive.

Since the 2000s, the company has acquired Italian clothing material manufacturers such as Cobrax to diversify its product line.

Morito Scovill Americas

1802 Scovill Drive Clarkesville, Georgia 30523, USA

Scovill Americas, founded in 1802, is one of America’s leading manufacturers of clothing materials.

The company was once a supplier of snap buttons and zippers to Levi’s and the U.S. military, and is well known among vintage clothing freaks.

In 2014, the company was acquired by MORITO, a major Japanese clothing material wholesaler, and became a subsidiary of MORITO.

SCOVILL zippers sold in Japan are manufactured in Hong Kong to Japan’s high quality standards.

WeiXing Co., Ltd / SAB®

No.8 South Qian Jiang road,Linhai City,ZheJiang ,China.

SAB® is a leading manufacturer of clothing materials in China.

Founded in 1976, it was the first listed company in the button and zipper industry.

The company’s history began with the button business, and today it has expanded to include zippers, metal products, plastic products, and other items.

It is the most influential company in China’s textile and clothing industry and a major setter of national standards for buttons in China.

Recently, GU (Fast Retailing) has adopted SAB’s zippers and trust in their quality is growing.


These are some of the relatively well-known zipper manufacturers, but there are hundreds of manufacturers in the world, and these are just a few of the names mentioned here.

We tend to think that zippers equal YKK, but there are other manufacturers in the world that we are not aware of.

Each manufacturer reflects its own national character, and it is fun to look into the history of each manufacturer while looking at their products.

Zippers have more influence on designs than other clothing trims, that is why we should choose the zipper that best suits the design. To see the more zipper style and design, please take a look at ApparelX’s zipper list.

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