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About Sewing Thread for Leather Goods

Hi this is Daisuke of ApparelX News editor.

Today I will introduce Japanese sewing thread for leather goods.

Glue Proccessed Thread

Glue Proccessed Thread is a thread commonly used for sewing leather products.

The Glue process, in which the thread is coated with resin, improves the thread’s heat resistance, abrasion resistance, durability, weather resistance, and other properties.

The resin bonds the twisted threads together, so even when sewing thick fabrics and elastic materials, the threads do not split and the seams are beautifully finished.

Product of Glue Proccessed Thread

Vinymo MBT

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The center of this product is glued to prevent the thread from fraying.

This sewing thread is less likely to clog the sewing machine due to peeling of the coating during sewing.

And the fray-resistant thread makes it easy to thread the needle.

In additon, Since the thread is less likely to fray or come loose after sewing, it produces more beautiful stitches than conventional threads.

Thread fraying does not occur even when sewing complex motions such as those performed by computerized sewing machines.

Products of FUJIX Brand for Leather Goods

King Polyester Sewing Thread (for Industrial sewing machine)

FUJIX brand does not offer glue processed thread, but you can sew with KING polyester No.40 or No.30. This is an industrial sewing machine thread with a shiny texture. It does not have a bonded finish, but it has a wider variety of colors compared to Vinymo MBT.

KING Brand Thread for Household Sewing Leather Machine

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This sewing thread is for household sewing machines.

This is the fact that it has more fluff than KING SPUN thread (other product of FUJIX’s), which makes it more leather-friendly.

Thank You Reading as Far

In this issue, we introduced sewing threads for leather.

I have experience in selling at select shop, fitting suits, and sewing in Japan. Currently, I am enjoying working with my one-year-old daughter as she grows up.