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Slider introduction: How to select the right slider for your YKK zipper


So you went through all of the trouble learning and selecting the right type, size and color for your YKK zipper. But you are not done yet, with too many slider variations, beginners can be overwhelmed. If you do not specify sliders, in most cases it will come as standard “DA” slider. 

This time, let’s find out how to select the right slider to fit your purpose!

CASE1. Attaching a special shape pull tab.

There are various shapes of sliders, but sometimes you want to add an original pull or a slightly different charm, don’t you?

There are sliders that can fulfill such wishes.

CA slider and ZA slider

As you can see, CA and ZA sliders are sliders without original pull tabs.

CA Slider


The CA slider has a hole at the end to which a puller is attached. You can attach a puller made of synthetic leather or metal as shown above.

ZA slider


The ZA slider is a slider with a pull pushed in from the base.

The absence of hooks means that the slider does not appear long, giving it a clean design.

This is a pull tab that can be attached to the ZA slider.
Since pull tabs are sold by various companies, it is necessary to confirm whether they can be used for CA or ZA sliders, since the use of pull tabs is determined by the slider type.

CASE2: Can the slider color be changed? 

If you do not specify the color of the slider, metal zippers come in a color that matches the zipper teeth, while Coil zipper and VISLON come in the same color as the tape color.

Of course, it is possible to change the color.

It is also possible to order a coil fastener with a gold slider.

Please specify the following code or color name when ordering.

However, some sliders may not be available in all colors, so please check in advance.

CASE3: Are there any sliders that can be used reversibly (front and back)?

DWL Slider

Double-sided sliders (DW) have pulls on both sides, and can be opened and closed by holding the pulls from either side.

A reversible slider (DU) has one puller that can move along a rotating rail. Therefore, the zipper can be opened and closed from either the front or the back.

It is sometimes used at the back of a skirt.

There is some exception, for example 3-coil open zippers cannot have 2 pullers.

Please note that some sizes and types of zippers cannot be attached.

CASE4: Waterproof slider for a water repellent zipper(AQUAGUARD®)?

AQUAGUARD® a.k.a. “watertight zipper” is a zipper with a strong water repellent finish, made by laminating polyurethane to the zipper tape.

It is often used for raincoats, windbreakers, outdoor bags, etc. The slider used for this waterproof zipper is also different from ordinary ones.

As shown here, the coil is not visible on the surface.

AquaGuard is a type of coil fastener, but as shown in the photo, the coil portion is on the inside and only the tape portion is visible on the front side to prevent water from entering.

The slider is a slider for back use, with a “B” after the slider cord. It looks just like a normal zipper.

If you order an AquaGuard zipper, a slider for back use is automatically included, but if you want a slider by itself, please make sure to specify “for back use”.

CASE5. Slider for front jeans zipper.

For zippers for jeans, we recommend Yzip® zippers, which are more resistant to washing than regular metal zippers.

What is different is that each element is strongly fixed to the zipper tape, making it resistant to washing and washing.

Yzip® sliders are also made sturdier than normal ones and are shaped so that they do not get caught during the tumbler process of washing and do not play around.

If not specified, the slider will come with a GSN8. The GSN8 slider locks when the puller is down, and unlocks when the puller is up.

The GSN8 slider is available in sizes 3 and 4 with a slanted tip.
Size 5 comes with a square GSN8 slider.
Size 3 and 4 with square pulls are GA10.
Some sliders are marked JEANST instead of YKK.

Things you should keep in mind

DSYG slider


DSYG sliders are sliders with rubberized pulls that lock when the pull is lowered and unlock when the pull is raised.

These sliders are often used for outdoor and sportswear.

It is only attachable for size 5 metal zippers.

DAG8 slider

This slider used to be used for the bottom of reverse-opening fasteners, but is now standardized to DA8LH.

If you do not specify a slider for a reverse fastener, the upper slider comes with DA and the lower slider comes with DA8LH.

When ordering a reverse opening fastener, it is possible to change the shape of the slider on the top and bottom.

If you prefer the same, it is safer to give that instruction when place the order.


There are a wide variety of sliders and situations in which they are used. It is necessary to use different types of sliders for different purposes.

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