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How to solve shirt shifting problem

Those of you who wear suits often have no such problems.

You obviously tuck your shirt inside your pants properly, but the shirt has a mind of its own and just wants to run out and up.

The final pile in the stomach that, to more uncomfortable without me to say, so today we will analyze from a professional point of view how to prevent the shirt shift.

Cause Analysis
Shirt shift perhaps many people will think is the problem of clothing fabric, the fabric certainly has problems, such as silk fabric, then it is certainly very slippery easy to shift.

Sport Belt

Waistband to prevent shifting of shirts

Latex type inner belt.
It is worn inside the pants and covers the outside of the shirt.
Size M and L (M approx. 100 cm / L approx. 115 cm) Width: approx. 3.5 cm Made in Japan. Very easy to put on, just button through the hole on the right.

スポーツベルト スポーツベルト シャツずれ防止ベルト[雑貨その他]

S Belt

Non-slip S-shaped belt for pants and skirts

Essential for formal wear to prevent shirts and tops from falling off. Sew three buttons on the inside of your pants or skirt to fit the holes in the middle and at the ends of the belt, then insert them into the belt.
Total length 20 cm, width 2.2 cm.
Color: white
For 1 pair (1 left / 1 right)
Avoid exposure to sunlight to ensure easy installation and removal, and to maintain the durability of the belt.
Please remove for cleaning.

Unfortunately, this thing has been discontinued.

Sベルト ズボン・スカートの滑り止め Sベルト[雑貨その他] ヤマモト(EXCY)


Stitched Suitable for casual pants and skirts Non-slip

This non-slip style is sewn to the back of the waist of pants and skirts.
It prevents shirts and blouses from sticking out and fits in the right place. The navy lines on a white background give a fresh, clean look.
Fabric width: 25mm
Per roll: 15m
Color: White X Blue
Material, polyester/synthetic rubber

GT500 縫い付けタイプ スラックス・スカート用 スベリ止め[マーベルト] ヤマモト(EXCY)

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