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YKK zipper Guide: YKK Vislon Zipper

YKK is a famous zipper brand and they carry a wide variety of different kinds of zippers.

Today, let’s go back to the basics and learn more about YKK’s VISLON zipper.

What is YKK VISLON zipper?

VISLON zippers are classified as one of the resin zippers, and are zippers molded by injecting resin elements into the tape. Since pigments are kneaded into the tape when the resin is injected, the color of the tape and the element can be the same, and there are many color variations available.

The elements of this resin zipper are firm and strong, but it is lightweight, so it is widely used for bags such as backpacks, the fronts of jumpers, sporting goods, etc.

We recommend this zipper for those who want a lightweight zipper with a certain degree of strength.

Sizes and Types of VISLON zippers

VISLON zippers are available in 3~10 sizes and product classifications, except for 4-VISLON reverse-opening zippers.

They are also sometimes referred to as 4- and 5-bis zippers.

When ordering Vislon zippers, or any YKK zipper in general, please make sure to specify the following.

  • Element size and product category
  • Length
  • Tape color
  • Number of tapes
  • Slider type

Notes on ordering

The top stop of VISLON zippers comes with a resin top stop if the zippers are manufactured at YKK’s factory.

However, if it is packed and processed from a long piece at an accessory shop or zipper shop, a metal topstop will be attached.

(Basically, a metal topstop similar in color to the tape is attached.)

Metal top stop
The photo shows a metal topstop. This is inserted into the zipper tape and crushed with pliers or the like to fix it in place.
If you prefer a plastic topstop! If you prefer a resin topstop, it will be manufactured at the YKK factory, so it can take 3-4 weeks to arrange.

Types of VISLON zippers

VISLON zippers look simple at first glance, but YKK offers quite a few variations. We would like to introduce some of their lineup this time.

Vislon Standard

This is YKK’s most basic Vislon zipper.

All tapes, elements, and sliders are basically the same color.

Vislon Combination Type

Vislon combination type is a zipper with tape and element in different colors.

There are four types of COMB-A, B, C, and D with different combinations of tapes and elements.

The differences between the four types are

  • COMB-A: Tape and element are different colors
  • COMB-B: Different colors for the left and right side of the tape
  • COMB-C: Different colors for left and right elements
  • COMB-D: Different colors on the left and right sides of the tape and element

The above picture shows COMB-B and COMB-D. The type shown in the photo above is COMB-B with different colors on the left and right sides of the tape. The color of the tape and elements can be different on the left and right sides, which makes the combinations seem endless.

Vislon Metallic Color

This is a VISLON zipper with elements in metallic colors.

It is available in a total of 6 colors and looks like a metallic zipper, but because it is made of Vislon, it is lightweight. Recommended for those seeking lightness!


This Vislon METALUXE is a zipper that pursues the appearance of a metal zipper even more.

But the metallic color we introduced earlier also has the look of a metal zipper, right?

You can see the difference between METALUXE and Vislon METALUXE by looking at the shape of the element.

The lement shape of METALUXE is more sharp and reproduces a metallic zipper.

The elements are available in a wide variety of colors: six colors for the standard type and seven colors for the colorful high-intensity type.

If you prefer metal zippers but don’t want to add weight,we recommend this METALUXE!

*The elements are thinner than those of regular VISLON, so please avoid using them on items that are subject to excessive load.


This is a member of METALUXE, but it was developed for bags, and as its name “Tough” suggests, it is stronger than regular VISLON.

When used on backpacks and other bags, this METALUXE Tough is safe from pulling and load on the zipper!

The element is available in three different colors.


The Vislon zippers introduced here are only one of many YKK’s  products.

The lightweight yet durable nature of VISLON zippers is one of their advantages.

Please choose the one that best fits your needs from among the many VISLON zippers available, depending on the design and use of your product.

For more detailed information about YKK Vislon Zipper, please visit ApparelX’s YKK Vislon product list.

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