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Introduction of long-haired eco-fur – Nihon High-pile

Hi, I’m Daisuke, editor of ApparelX News Global.

This time, we would like to introduce “Nihon High-pile”, a company of eco-fur, which is now available at ApparelX.

Eco-fur is currently one of the most widely adopted trends, from luxury brands to fast fashion.

Please read on as we explain the merits of eco-fur and some products.

What is eco-fur?

First, let us explain what eco-fur is.

Eco-fur, as the name implies, is fur that is free of animal products.

Real fur is animal fur, but eco-fur refers to products made from synthetic fibers such as acrylic and polyester that are made to look like real fur.

Advantages of Eco-fur

(1) No animal sacrifice.

The greatest advantage of eco-fur is, of course, that no animals are sacrificed because no actual fur is used.
Recently, many luxury brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Maison Margiela have declared that they will no longer use real fur, and real fur is no longer a fashion statement.

(2) Development of vivid colors

Because synthetic fibers are used, they can be dyed in vivid colors that are not possible with natural fur, allowing for a wide variety of color development.

(3) Easy to care for

Because it is a synthetic fiber, it is easier to care for than natural materials. Some products can be washed at home and tend to be more durable than real fur.

(4)Low price

Real fur is expensive due to the use of natural materials and the processing steps involved. Compared to real fur, eco-fur is easier to produce and therefore relatively inexpensive.

As mentioned above, eco-fur is becoming commonplace in the fashion industry, and ApparelX now carries it as well!

The manufacturer of the products handled is Nihon High-pile, which specializes in eco-fur with long fur.

Products and other information will be presented in the next section.

Products of Nihon High-pile

We are the only domestic producer of long-fur faux fur. We produce pile, boa, and sinker, and finish each fiber by meticulously weaving it with the utmost care and attention to quality.
Now that this activity has been recognized, we have exhibited twice a year at Premiere Vision in Paris, France, the world’s leading exhibition for material manufacturers, and have been featured by the world’s most famous designers.

http://www.nihon-highpile.jp/index.html translated by DeepL
7560 H-981

This is an eco-fur with long fur, a specialty of Japan High Pile.
Each fiber is carefully finished one by one, making it a very high quality product.

5200-12-03(08) Mink Fur Mix

This is an eco-fur modeled after mink fur.
Mink fur has a slightly celebrity-like impression and has been difficult to adopt, but recently eco-fur has become commonplace and is popular among the younger generation.

4000 Sheep

This is a sheep boa style fabric.
It is also available in a variety of colors that are unique to synthetic fibers and have a good coloring.
Yellow, blue, and red sheep boa will be a good accent.

5820 Poodle

This is another long-furred, poodle-like eco-fur.
It is available in a wide variety of colors.

Both products can be purchased by the meter or even by the roll.


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