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Kumoi Beauty: Velvet and Corduroy Fabrics

There has been a big cold wave and the temperature has dropped in Japan. AW is not over yet, and AW fabric still very popular during this period.

This time, we would like to introduce you to some fabrics recommended for AW from Chubu Velveteen Corduroy, a textile manufacturer of Velvet and Corduroy fabrics.

Chubu Velveteen Corduroy Co. Ltd

Since its establishment in 1949, Chubu Velveteen Corduroy Co., Ltd. is a textile manufacturer that plans, produces, and sellsVelvet and Corduroy produced in the western part of Shizuoka Prefecture. The company’s products are of high quality, woven by techniques that have been handed down over a long period of time.

The key point is the quality of the materials, which can only be brought out by the traditional manufacturing method. “Kumoi Beauty” is a fabric brand of Chubu Velveteen Corduroy Co., Ltd.


Corduroy is a fabric made of piles with ridges in the vertical direction.

The characteristic ridges have various widths (thicknesses), ranging from 1.3 mm for narrower ridges to more than 10 mm for thicker ridges.

The width of the ridges is called “wale” in English, which indicates the number of ridges per inch (2.54 cm).

The larger the number, the narrower the ridges (fine ridges), and the smaller the number, the wider the ridges (thicker ridges).

〜17W – 17W (Wale): fine ridges (fine Corduroy)

16W to 7W (Wale) medium ridged (medium Corduroy)

6W to 3W (Wale) Thick-ribbed (thick Corduroy)

In Japan、 the fabric has many names such “コーデュロイ”and “コール天” but they are actually the same fabric.


Velvet is a short pile fabric without corduroy-like ridges and covered with fluff on one side.

The difference between velour, velvet and velveteen is that velour is knitted, while velveteen and velvet are woven.

The difference between velvet and bifurcated cloth is that velvet uses warp threads to form a pile, while bifurcated cloth uses weft threads to form a pile.

Popular fabric 

7500 16W Corduroy for pants

7500 16W ズボンコール[生地] 中部別珍コール天

This is a medium-ribbed corduroy of standard thickness. It has excellent heat retention properties, making it suitable for autumn and winter garments.

It can be used for jackets, pants, skirts, shirts, and other clothing in general.

This is the most popular fabric of Kumoi Beauty fabrics listed on ApparelX.

DCL658-ID Decolore 6W Corduroy Indigo

DCL658-ID デコロレ 6W コール インディゴ染[生地] 中部別珍コール天
This is a powerful thick- corduroy. This fabric also has excellent heat retention properties, making it suitable for autumn and winter clothing.
It can be used for jackets, pants, skirts, outerwear, etc. The tie-dye pattern-like dyeing like denim is a rare product.

2035 Stretch Velveteen

2035 ストレッチ別珍[生地] 中部別珍コール天
The basic color range makes it easy to adopt. Because of its stretchiness, it can be used for tops, pants, etc.


Chubu Velvet Corduroy Co. Ltd has many rare products, and there are many one-of-a-kind fabrics that are not found anywhere else.

For more Kumoi Beauty items, please visit ApparelX Kumoi Beauty product list.

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