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Chinese Frog Closure: Frog fasteners

Frog fasteners are very popular these days, adding a lovely touch to your design. Have your ever thought of making your own frog fastener? What should we do when we need frog buttons from the same material of the clothes? Let’s find out together!

Frog fasteners

Originally, a Chinese Frog Closure is a clasp attached to traditional Chinese clothing.

It is used for upper garments such as shirts and blouses by tying a string to make a ball and looping the other end to hook it.

They are said to first appear in 5th to 7th century China.

Frog fasteners seem to come and go in waves, and recently we have received several inquiries about them, so we are wondering if they are coming into fashion. I have received several inquiries recently, so I have the impression that the trend is coming into vogue.

They look cute and give an oriental atmosphere to your designs, so they will be useful as an item to add a little extra.

There are similar buttons in Europe which are decorative buttons made with gold or silver threads and used for officers’ uniforms and stage costumes.

They are called “frog buttons” because they look like frogs.

Darin 171-550
Darin 171-601
Darin 171-32

Making your own frog fastener

If you have a favorite frog button ready-made, it is fine, but if there is no color available or if you want to make a button from the same fabric, you will have to place a special order.

This time, the customer wanted to use co-woven fabric, so we made the buttons according to the following process.

1.Decide on the design and dimensions (size of the balls, thickness of the string, and length of the string)

->About 1~2 weeks

2. After making samples, determine mass production quantity and estimate ->Approx. 1 week

3. Mass production -> About 2~3 weeks

4. Final product.

Since the processing was done from the fabric, we first made a four-fold loop and had it processed into a frog button.

Since it was a thin fabric, we lined it with a core to make it more resilient.They were tied very beautifully

All of the making process of the china button is done by hand of craftsmen.


Recently, the popularity of frog buttons has increased, but on the contrary, the number of craftsmen seems to be decreasing considerably.

The ready-made frog buttons are being shifted to Chinese production, and there are only a few craftsmen who can make them by special order.

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