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Japanese Lace manufacturer: Daisada

Lace plays an important role when it comes to decorating the design.

This time, let’s talk about Daisada, a torchon lace manufacturer that ApparelX has started to work with recently. 

Daisada Co, Ltd.

Daisada Co, Ltd. is a torchon lace manufacturer that has been doing everything from planning to production of torchon lace in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture since its establishment in 1969. All of their products are made in Japan.

ApparelX currently carries stretchy lace, metallic lace, and torchon Tape.

We are constantly updating Daisada’s product lineup, so be sure to check out the manufacturers’ pages!

Popular lace tapes

Cotton Lace

DS5260 Thin lace, width 10mm

Thin and lightweight lace made of 100% cotton high quality fine count yarn.

Recommended for items with an elegant atmosphere due to its delicate construction.

DS4220 トーションレース 巾21mm 湯通し済 大定
DS4220 torchon Lace width 21mm pre-wetted
This knit-style lace has elasticity in both length and breadth.
It has a voluminous and soft texture and is recommended for casual and natural items.

Frilled Lace

DS1004-S Stretchy Frilled Lace 80mm

DS1004-S ストレッチレース フリルレース 80mm 大定

This 80mm wide ruffled lace gives a more glamorous look and is ideal for decorating blouse collars and cuffs. The center has a floral motif.

DS2158-S Stretchy Frilled Lace 10mm

Elasticized ruffled lace made of cotton. It is a beautiful off-white color with a soft texture.

Stretch lace tape is also recommended for decorating children’s clothing, where ease of putting on and taking off is important due to its elasticity.

Metallic Tape

DS38 Torchon Metallic Lace Width 23mm

DS38 ラメ入り トーションレース 巾 23mm[リボン・テープ・コード] 大定

Large size narrow lace tape. The movement gives a glittering impression, making it perfect for decorating skirts.

DS30207 metallic braid width 18mm

This metallic braid is made by weaving thick metallic cord over metallic yarn, which has a luxurious luster.

The three-dimensional design can be used as an accent for trimming clothes and accessories.

Tyrol Tape

DS30099 Tyrol lace 9mm

Thin but strikingly colored Tyrol Tape is easy to incorporate into not only clothing but also into points of use on miscellaneous items, making it an easy way to add a cute touch.

It can also be used for decoration in combination with plain tape or cords in the same color as the Tyrol Tape.

DS30116 Tyrol Tape, width 30mm

Wide tyrol tape with a distinctive color scheme can be added to simple clothing to instantly create a Tyrolean taste. The hand-knit style tape has a firm texture.

DS30392 Tyrol lace 16mm

This hand-knit style knit tape has a design that is easy to use for borders.

Although Tyrol tape has a colorful image, the chic coloring gives it a European appearance.


We hope you have a better glance about Daisada.

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