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YKK Standard Product: Concealed Zipper

Depending on the purpose, zippers have many shapes and designs.

In this article, let’s go through the most standard of all zippers, concealed zippers.

Characteristic of Concealed zipper

Just like their name, concealed zippers’ stitches do not show on the surface, so they are hidden.

Conceal zipper is sewn at the element with a special clamp and the seam is not exposed.

They are suitable for applications where you do not want the zipper to be noticeable, such as dresses. They are also often used for side zippers of skirts.

The length can be changed easily

Normally, it is difficult to change the length of metal zippers without tools, but with Conceal zippers, the bottom stop on the backside is movable, so you can adjust the length as you like if you have pliers. (2CH,3CH)

Don’t forget to tighten the bottom stopper after sewing.

Type of Concealed zippers

Size 2

Size 2 has only one type of zipper.

You may have seen them at handicraft stores.

When people ask for a concealed zipper without specifying the size, they are usually referring to this 2CHC.

The sliders that usually come with the 2CHC are DA, while the other sliders are factory production. 

Size 3 and size 5

From YKK catalog

Eventhough we rarely see them,there is actually large sizes for concealed zippers.

From size 3, you can choose between closed end and open end.

Size 3 is made of metal and size 5 is made of resin.
The metal fittings for the open end zippers change depending on the size.
Since the products are manufactured at a factory, it may take about 3 to 4 weeks to arrange.

In stock products

Since the length of Concealed Zipper can be changed freely, manufacturers and distributors stock 2CHC in fixed lengths.

Most of them are 22CM, 56CM, and with some popular colors, 70CM also are available .

22CM is often used as side zippers for skirts while 56 CM and 70CM are often used for the back of dresses.

If you need longer lengths it will be factory production. Factory production takes about 3 to 4 weeks to arrange.

Also, due to the huge color range, the number of colors in stock is limited.

If the color is out of stock,it will be processed as factory production.

The color of the slider is changeable

The color of the slider can be different from the color of the tape.

It will take about 3 to 4 weeks to arrange since it will be manufactured at the factory.

Conceal is not designed to replace the slider like other zippers, so if you need a single slider for repair, it will be ordered from the YKK factory.


Since concealed zippers are the most basic zippers out there, most people are very familiar with 2CHC zippers. But it is very helpful to know what other options we have and the lead time for specific orders. 

We hope you find this article helpful. For more information regarding zippers, please visit ApparelX Zipper product list.

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