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APPARELX AT JIAM 2022: Thank you for visitting us!

Thank you very much for visiting our booth at JIAM (Japan International Apparel Machinery & Textile Fair held at INTEX Osaka from November 30 (Wed) to December 3 (Sat), 2022. We had a successful JIAM and were able to meet a lot of you!

In this article, we would love to introduce our products and services that were on display during the exhibition.If there is anything you are interested in that we did not introduce, please let us know!

Outer fabrics

ApparelX has a wide business network with many fabric manufacturers, and this time we display a lot of samples from whose products are listed on ApparelX.

Stretch fabrics


Sunwell is a fabric manufacturer that produces a wide range of fabrics from synthetic to natural, from woven to knitted fabrics, and this time they exhibited their products with the keyword “stretch”.

They are developing a series called SOLOTEX, which is not made of polyurethane, but has stretchability added by the spring shape of the fiber, as well as a series called Reflax®, which looks like linen.

52249 SOLOTEX® melange 4-way stretch

52314 Reflax PBT Oxford stretch


This manufacturer’s products are mainly made of stretch fabrics, and are perfect for those who say that stretch is their main focus. It is also characterized by its many expressive fabrics, such as wooden patterns. This time, the fabric was exhibited only in black.

AW34087 VISLY twill

Patterned and printed fabrics

As for patterns, two types of fabrics were exhibited: one with yarn-dyed yarn to produce a woven pattern, and the other with a printed pattern. For printed patterns, the product cycle is basically quick and trendy. As for yarn-dyed products, there are many standard items such as standard stripes and check patterns that will never get old.


Mainly fabrics woven with yarn-dyed yarns, and a wide range of natural fabrics and plain items are also available.

AN-9084 Cotton Flannel buffalo

Sakura Company

Headquartered in Kyoto, the birthplace of prints, this company plans, manufactures, and sells a wide range of fabrics, mainly original prints, but also lace, solid colors, and jacquards. Except for some standard prints, the company discontinues them every season. It is important to order the patterns you like as soon as possible.

55053-2 60/1 gas fired Silket cotton smooth floral pattern

Functional fabrics

It is very important to use not just any fabric, but fabrics with stretch and other functional properties. Functions such as stain resistance, deodorization, and antibacterial are added.

Sasaki Sellm

We started out in the woolen textile production area of Bishu, and we make many fabrics.

8403 Best Performer

Ultra-high functional material with UV cut, water absorbency, sweat absorbency, cooling contact, and wrinkle resistance.


A textile trading company established in 1885. The company offers its original brand MU-TECH®, which pursues high functionality and fashionability, in a lotless variety of colors. It is not easy to remember them by name, but I think they are at the top level when it comes to high-functional materials.

M-13000TL High-function 3-layer polyester knit
This three-layer fabric uses a special polyurethane film in the middle layer to achieve high water pressure resistance, high moisture permeability, and wind resistance.

Fabric for Bag

We have fabrics for bags, both outer and inner, and exhibited CORDURA® and other fabrics.


We stock a variety of materials, from natural materials such as cotton and hemp to synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester, synthetic leather, and man-made suede, totaling approximately 80 items in over 2000 colors. The main application is bags, which are widely used for fashion goods and accessories.

210 Nylon Oxford
A nylon fabric used for lining, available in a wide range of colors, with an acrylic coating on the back, making it somewhat waterproof to the level of everyday life.


While valuing the JAPAN quality that has been cultivated for many years in cotton canvas, we gather carefully selected materials not only from Japan but also from all over the world and produce textiles that transcend the boundaries of materials as “Made by FUJIKINBAI®.

5000 Fujikinbai Cotton Canvas No. 11, Silket and resin treatment

Top Run 

We offer a wide variety of materials to meet every need, including synthetic fibers, natural fibers, synthetic leather, and genuine leather, with a focus on bag materials.

TP005 Duron

TP005 Duron is a highly durable synthetic leather that has a rubber-like texture but uses high-purity urethane resin to prevent scratches on the surface.


We handle a wide variety of manufacturers’ products with the know-how of accessories that we have cultivated for more than 60 years.


We exhibited mainly cupra materials, which are currently out of supply. If you have any trouble with Cupra, we have 8 original Jacquard weave lining fabrics, so please contact us.

AKX100 Paisley Pattern High-grade Jacquard Lining

Click here for all 8 products in the AKX series made of 100% Cupra


Nittobo exhibited its relatively new IF Series, a series of innovative fabrics with new functions added to the interlining used to improve shape retention and sewability. This time, we exhibited a fabric with a windproof function added to the interlining function.

IF1000F Lining and interlining with windproof function


Iris small buttons and Osaka Plastic’s new button sample book were exhibited.

Please click below to see the photos of each of them.

Iris Button List

Osaka Plastic Button List

LAMPO Zipper

LAMPO, a high-end Italian zipper manufacturer, is a zipper with beautiful plating colors. Size 5 and 8 are very popular

SL-5-SWE-TWOE 5 size Super LAMPO Shiny White ECO Reverse Opening Zipper

JIAM2022 Summary

We are very happy to see many of our ApparelX Global members! Thanks to everybody, we had a successful JIAM exhibition. We will continue to improve our services to provide your with the best experiences and supports!

Hi guys, this is Jane, the editor of ApparelX News. As a foreigner living in Tokyo, I hope my posts will help international readers get an overview about Japanese fashion industry as well as Japanese culture!