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July 2021 – Materials Information for Tailors

Hello, This is Kayaba, an ApparelX News editor.

We sell tools and materials for tailors not only apparel makers.

Today, I would like to introduce you to some of our recommended products for July.

EXCY’s original sterling silver thimble named “925” is now available in new sizes!

EXCY is the name of our corporate brand and sells original linings and tailoring supplies.

We made a new size of EXCY’s original “925” thimble made of 925 silver, which we started selling about 6 years ago (October 2015 to be exact), and it was finally ready in mid-July.

The Finest Sterling Silver Thimble Using 925 Silver

Until now, we have had 8 sizes, starting from 13.5mm (000) with 5mm pitch, 14mm (00), 14.5mm (0), 15mm (1), 15.5mm (2), 16mm (3), 16.5mm (4), 17mm (5).

However, we have received many requests from women and men with thin fingers that 13.5mm is too big and they want a smaller size, so we created 13mm (0000).

With a total of nine sizes available, we are sure that more people will be able to patronize our products.

Cupra lining “AK7500” original sample book completed!

The 100% cupro striped lining “AK7500” is available in 26 colors, 13 of which are in stock at the company, and we have created a original sample book. If you are interested in any of these 13 colors, we can ship the product as early as the same day.

An original sample book
More details

The sample book of long-selling standard cotton fabric is also completed!

The sample book for our standard sleek and pocket bag, which has been used by tailors for many years, is finally completed.

Two types of sleeks and one type of pocket bag
100% cotton, moderately slippery and shiny, SLEEK “8000
65% polyester, 35% cotton, but the texture is just like 100% cotton TC SLEEK “4434
4080” pocket bag woven with 40 count twin yarn in a diagonal weave

In the end

Thank you for reading to the end.

In addition, if you have any requests for clothing accessories, fabrics, tailor’s tools, etc., please visit our e-commerce site “ApparelX“!

I have experience in selling at select shop, fitting suits, and sewing in Japan. Currently, I am enjoying working with my one-year-old daughter as she grows up.