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Introduce of Colorful Press Fasteners -Plasma Series

Hi, This is Daisuke, the editor of ApparelX News Global.

Today, I would like to introduce colorful press fasteners.

This is recommended for those who are tired of the silver color and other metallic ones.

Enamel top coating

Left: Gloss finish Right: Matte finish

Standard press fastener caps such as 813A and 815A exist in colorful colors with enamel top coating.

Compatible part numbers are 810A, 813A, 815A, 818A, 720A, and 3BX caps.

Available in matte and glossy colors.

The gloss finish is as shiny as a candy. (815A c/# S7859)


If the desired color is not available in the manufacturer’s stock, it will be made to order.

The only enamel tops stocked by the manufacturer are 813A and 815A, and only some of their color numbers.

If you wish to order other colors or part numbers, please note that they will be made to order in units of 100 units, and the delivery date and unit price will vary (as of January 14, 2022).

If you would like to get a quote for made-to-order or to check the colors in stock, please contact us from the support page!

The rest parts is only available in normal plating colors.

Except for the top part, you will have to choose from normal plating colors, #SSL silver color, etc.


The pz-7 is a plastic press fastener, so its strength is inferior to metal one.
These buttons are also available in matte and glossy colors.


Color numbers not in stock at the manufacturer are made to order.

The maker has only #G33000 and #G11953 in stock for Pz-7 glossy. Even for the matte type, stock colors are limited, and if the color is not in stock, the lot size is 20,000 units, and delivery time is quite long (as of 2022.1.14).

Available only in natural color (white) except for the top part.

As you can see in the image above, B, C, or the inner part, and D, the bottom part, are available only in white color.


Like PZ-7, it is a plastic press fastener.
Two caps are required for one set.This product is also available in matte and shiny colors.。


Color numbers not in stock are made to order.

The color that the manufacturer stocks depends on the cap size. If the color is not in stock, the lot size will be 20,000 pieces and the delivery time will be much longer (as of January 14, 2022).

Lower set (B / C) color available

These are available in a variety of colors in the inner pair (B / C), so be sure to choose the same color as the cap.


Thank you for reading this far!

In this article, we introduced press fasteners that come in a variety of colorful colors.

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