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Power button, things you may not know

During winter, having a coat when going outside is a must.

If you notice, some of the coats you are wearing have a small button behind their regular button.

This button is called a power button.

You might have wondered before, “Is this a spare button? It’s too small for that. What is it?”

In this article, let’s talk about the role of the power button, the one behind the clothes.

The role of the force button

The force button is a reinforcing button that prevents the fabric from being loaded.

They can be found on coats with large buttons, or on thin fabrics such as cardigans.

Have you ever had a front button come loose, come off, or make a hole in the fabric?

By placing a force button behind the front button, across the fabric, you can reduce the damage to the fabric and prevent holes from forming.

How can you reinforce it with such a small button?

Without a force button, the force applied to the thread is concentrated on one point, and a large force is applied.

Buttons as small as 8mm-10mm are usually used, but they have many times more area to apply force than thread alone, so they can disperse the force applied to the surface.

What kind of buttons are used?

Since they are used on the back side of the button, where they are not usually visible, simple buttons are usually used that are inconspicuous.

Polyester two-hole buttons are probably the standard.

2HP Button

Shell buttons are sometimes used for design purposes.

Shell buttons are also recommended for high-class clothes with attention to invisible parts.



Power buttons are used to reinforce the fabric.

For coats that use large buttons, the fabric will last longer if it has a power button.

If the regular button often comes off, let’s put on the power button. It will save you the trouble of having to reattach buttons again and again.

We hope you can have a better glance about power button. For more buttons variation, please visit our Button List

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