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How to choose buckles for apparel and bags by type and shape!

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In this article, we will explain the names and designations of the many types of buckles!

Knowing the type and name of the buckle will make it easier to find the part you want, so please help us out!

What is a Buckle?

Buckles are fastening devices used on a belt.

It is used not only for clothing belts, but also for wristwatches, bags, etc.

There are various shapes and sizes, which are introduced below!

Type of shape

Standard buckles for belts (T-shaped)


When you hear the word “buckle,” the shape that first comes to mind is probably something like this.

This shape is often used for clothing belts.

It is sometimes called a trench buckle, a T-shaped buckle, or a through buckle.

*About the buckle pin

Pins are often optional.
When ordering, be sure to remember to indicate whether you want it without the pin or with the pin.
You can even have the pin in a different color than the buckle itself!

Sail-shaped Buckle


This buckle is used for belts, with a belt and a pin threaded through one side to secure it in place.
There are many design variation because it can be easily decorated.
A buckle with decorations is also called a western buckle in Japan.

Roller Buckles

This buckle is often used on fabric belts such as work clothes.

There are no pins, and the buckle is used to hold the belt in place.

It does not require holes and can be stopped in any desired position.

Door Buckles


These buckles are used with thicker elastic belts.

There are two types of buckles: one that attaches and detaches by sliding the metal fittings, and one that attaches and detaches by hooking the metal fittings.

Side Release Buckles


These are buckles that can be released by pushing on both sides.

Most buckles are made of plastic material and are more often seen on bags than on clothing.

It is sometimes referred to as a double-pull buckles.

Buckle for Vests and Pants


This shape is often used on the back of vests for suits and the side adjusters of pants.

It is sometimes used for coat cuffs.



This method uses two round ring or D-shaped ring for the buckle.
It is often used on fabric belts and gives a casual impression.
When looking for this buckle type, it is better to look for rings parts such as this rather than buckles.

Note: Regarding size notation

The size notation basically refers to the inside diameter of the buckle.

This is because it is easy to see the width of the tape or belt that goes through that buckle.

Just make sure you pick the right size for your tape!

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We hope you will find the right buckle for your type of clothes and design.

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