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Braided Elastic: How to select the right one for your design

The narrow flat elastic on the photo above is mainly used for underwear and baby clothes

Braided elastic is a flat rubber tape made on a lacing machine with a core of lined rubber yarns, around which the yarns are assembled.

There are various types depending on the combination of elastic threads and yarn. Let’s dive in to see how to choose the best elastic for your design.

The braided elastic above is often used for the inside of clothes.

You may have seen them on the chin straps of red and white hats or safety hats when you were a child. During the pandemic, braid elastics are in high demand as they are also used for masks.

Number 4 Braided Elastic

The number in “4-braided elastic” indicates the number of rubber threads in a row.

For example, a 4-braided elastic has 4 rubber threads, and a 6-braided elastic has 6 rubber threads.

Braided Elastic Width

Eventhough people usually mistaken, the number has nothing to do with the width because it is only indicate the number of rubber threads inside.

The following is an approximate guideline

4 rubbers → around 3 to 4mm

6 rubbers → around 5 to 6mm

8 rubbers → around 6~7mm

10 rubbers → around 8 to 9mm

12 rubbers → around 10mm

The same 4-rubbers can be used depending on the fineness of the rubber threads used.

The width of the same 4-rubbers may vary depending on the fineness of the rubber thread used, so be sure to check with the brand you are using.

Recommend products

OGC Braided Elastic

Available in black and white

OGC is idealed for the waist of pants and skirts. It is made of LYCRA for excellent durability, fit and stretch, so there is no need to worry about thread breakage with a sewing machine needle.

Available in two colors, white and black, and in sizes 4 to 10 rubber.

The widths are as follow

4 rubbers: 3.2mm

6 rubbers: 5mm

8 rubbers: 6.2mm

10 rubber: 8mm

B101 Lycra Soft Elastic

This is a braided elastic available in a variety of colors (4 rubbers are only available in black and white).

This material is made of multi-filament Lycra (polyurethane), so there is no need to worry about elastic thread breakage due to sewing machines. It is dry-cleanable and can be used for various purposes. Soft power flat elastic.

Approximate widths are

4-rubber: approx. 3mm

6-rubber: approx. 5mm

8-rubber: approx. 6mm

10-rubber: approx. 7.5mm

12 rubbers: approx. 9mm


We hope this article give you a better glance about braided elastic. For more trims and other type of elastic availble, please visit ApparelX Elastic Band list.

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