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What is Cupro Bemberg Lining?

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In this article, I’ll introduce you to cupro/bemberg lining, one of the high-grade material linings.

We will also tell you about the relationship between Cupro and Bemberg.

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What is Cupro?


It is a regenerated fiber made mainly from cotton linter. It is generally used as a lining material.

Cotton linters are the short fibers that grow on cotton seeds and remain after the fibers that become cotton are harvested.

The name cupro comes from the abbreviation for “cupurammonium rayon.

The name comes from the fact that it is manufactured using a copper ammonia solution.

What are the characteristics of Cupro?

The features are as follows.

  • It has an elegant luster similar to silk.
  • High water absorbency.
  • Wrinkle resistance.
  • Less discoloration due to ultraviolet rays.
  • Static electricity is difficult to generate.
  • It expands and contracts a little when it gets wet.
  • High cost (because only a few companies in the world manufacture cupra).

So what is Bemberg?

It is also known by the name “Bemberg,” which comes from the German company Bemberg, which developed the technology for cupro.

Bemberg industrialized and commercialized cupro in 1919.

In Japan, Asahi Kasei introduced the technology in 1928, and started production in 1931.

Today, Asahi Kasei uses this name and is the only manufacturer to produce cupro and sell it worldwide.

In other words, cupro = bemberg.

Asahi Kasei Corporation The father of Bemberg (Cupra) lining,this article has also written about Asahi Kasei and Bemberg in this article, so please read it as well.


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Did you understand the difference between cupro and Bemberg®?

these stand for the same fiber.

Cupro is the generic name and Bemberg® is the brand name.

As a side note, Bemberg® is also attracting attention as an ecological material because it decomposes when buried in the soil and returns to the earth.

It’s an earth-friendly fiber.

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