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Asahi Kasei Corporation The father of Bemberg (Cupra) lining

Asahi Kasei, one of the most famous companies in Japan, has done a great deal of good.

One of them is the spread of cupro lining.

Jun Noguchi, founder of Asahi Kasei Corporation, succeeded in synthesizing the world’s first Cazalet-type ammonia in Nobeoka City.

Later, he created Bemberg, a regenerated fiber using ammonia, and later created a number of synthetic fibers.

Thus, Asahi Kasei shines in the textile business.

Bemberg (cupro) opens up the luxury zone for lining, and the quality of the lining raises the dignity of the wearer, reducing the feeling of dullness in summer and static electricity in winter.

In other words, cupro has the highest functionality required of a lining.

Why don’t you experience such a high quality lining?

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