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Finding cotton fabric for lining? A complete list of fabrics for cotton lining

Hi guys, this is Dong, editor of ApparelX News.

Polyester and Cupro are typically the main materials used for linings used as accessories. Cotton blends are also available, but very rarely is a 100% cotton lining. Recently, we’ve heard of people wanting to use the same soft texture of cotton as a lining when using cotton for outerwear, especially those with a washed effect.

Lining made of cotton is very rare, so this time we have put together a list of cotton linings that have a very good reputation, and we hope you find them helpful.


1010 50s Comba Broadcloth

The yarn grades include combed, combed and semi-combed yarns, with combed yarns being the highest quality yarns. A process called combing is used to remove about 20% of the defects in the yarn making process.

It is a high quality yarn with low lint and luster.
After carding, the yarn is used to make worsted plain fabrics.

One of the most important factors in choosing a lining is the choice of color, and there is a large selection of colors to match the fabric.


1030 60s コーマローン[生地] VANCET

1030 60s Comb Lawn

This is also made from combed yarn in the same way. It is also thinner than broadcloth, because it uses finer yarns. This makes it a comfortable fabric for summer linings.


17000 20s ツイル[生地] VANCET サブ画像

17000 20s Twill

Since 20 count yarn is used, the twill is strong. It also reaches a level where it can be used as an outer fabric, so you may be able to choose from a large variety of colors when you have a hard outer fabric and thick clothing such as coats. However, please note that full lining adds weight.


30000 30s Comber Burberry

This is a 30 count burberry fabric. It can be used adequately as an outer garment, but it is thinner than twill so it can be used as a lining for spring and fall coats. It is also available in many colors, so it is easy to match fabrics.


If you ask the lining manufacturer about 100% cotton, he may reply that it is difficult to find such a fabric, but that fabrics that can also be used as outerwear, such as those mentioned above, can also be used as lining fabrics.

However, please note that since it is a cotton fabric, its fastness is 2-3 depending on the color.

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