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Explanation of jacquard fabrics! What are its characteristics and types?

I am Dong of ApparelX.

When you hear the word “jacquard”, what kind of fabric do you think of? I’m sure you’ve heard the term at least once when buying curtains or rugs.

In this article, we will describe how jacquard fabrics are made.

What jacquard fabrics are available?

We want to unveil “jacquard”.

What kind of fabric is jacquard weave?

Jacquard fabrics are woven on jacquard looms and can be made into a wide variety of patterns, from tiny, delicate patterns to large patterns that span the width of the fabric, from single-color ground patterns to picturesque patterns in more than 100 colors.

Because the patterns are created during the weaving process, the fabric is thicker and more three-dimensional than printed fabrics.

The history of jacquard fabrics

The Jacquard loom was developed by the Frenchman Joseph Chagall in the 19th century.

Prior to this, complex fabrics required another “thread puller” in addition to the weaver to pull the threads, but Joseph’s invention made weaving a job that could be done by one person.

Through jacquard, from simple geometric to complex patterns can be shown on the fabric, and it can be said that jacquard is a revolutionary existence in the field of fabric.

Weaving of jacquard fabrics

Jacquard looms use “heraldic paper” to weave patterns, which is a type of paper with holes punched in it.

Patterned paper is made from designs and woven with warped and dyed threads based on this information.

The heraldic paper is the key to jacquard weaving, with holes in some places and without in others.

The loom reads the information about the holes in the pattern paper and pulls the warp threads over the holes.

The warp threads are interlaced up and down to create a three-dimensional pattern.

Advantages and disadvantages of jacquard fabrics

Jacquard fabrics have irregular warp and weft threads and equal thickness, so that complex patterns can be reproduced.

In addition, yarn-dyed yarns are often used, which gives the pattern a three-dimensional effect and has the advantage of being resistant to fading.

On the other hand, because the yarns are yarn-dyed and finely woven, they take longer to weave, which in turn increases the cost.

However, it has a depth of pattern and a sense of luxury that printed fabrics do not have, so we hope that you will understand the production background of jacquard weaving and choose the product that best suits your needs.

Jacquard weave, what does it actually look like?

Now, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to our jacquard weaving

AKX400 Flower Pattern Jacquard Bemberg 100% Lining EXCY Original

AKX400 花柄ジャガード ベンベルグ100%裏地 EXCYオリジナル 旭化成

The jacquard lining AKX400 made of Asahi Kasei’s Bemberg reproduces delicate floral patterns by weaving.

The lining has an elegant sheen and can be used by both women and men.

JN0704 9 Oz Jacquard Denim Dot Design Large

JN0704 9オンスジャカードデニムドット柄大[生地] ダックテキスタイル

Large polka dot pattern in jacquard denim. The simple pattern is eye-catching.

Looks cute on bags and other accessories!

365Grace Cross Pattern

365 グレース クロス柄[生地] 仙田

This fabric is recommended for bag and purse linings, and the weave expresses the shading of the pattern.

SIC-2060Jacquard Ribbon

SIC-2060 ジャガードリボン[リボン・テープ・コード] SHINDO

The ribbon mimics stained glass, and by changing the width of the weave, the jacquard can be made into a ribbon.

It is a unique ribbon with intricate designs, including three-dimensional effects, patterns and shades of color due to the weave.


It can be said that jacquard fabrics can show different expressions depending on the pattern, thread used and material. Why not include jacquard fabrics in your shopping list and give it a try?

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