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What is the “anti-slip tape” that prevents pants from slipping down?

Hi guys, APPARELX News’s editor Dong again.

This issue introduces the “anti-slip belt” at the back of the waist of the pants.

The non-slip design prevents shirts and tops from slipping off and makes the waist (around the belt) look neater.

Types of anti-slip belts

Pre-assembled Type

When sewing pants, a silicone like tape is sewn onto the back of the waistband with a non-slip effect using a sewing machine.

After-assembled Type

An elastic 22 mm wide and 200 mm long is fastened to the inside of the pants and skirt with three buttons on either side.

It is removable, making it very easy to clean, etc.

One-touch Type

Latex type (rubber) inner band.

It is worn on the outside of the shirt and placed inside the pants.

Available in M/L size, adjustable in 25mm increments.


In addition to the previously mentioned benefits such as preventing shirts from falling off, those with fluctuating body types or who don’t want their pants to slip off due to unintentional movement should definitely try lacing them up.

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