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waterproof 100% cotton fabric ! What is Ventile, the apparel brand favorite and strongest high-density material?

This time I’d like to introduce Ventile, a high-density cotton material that has received a lot of attention as an autumn/winter material!

It is a lightweight cotton material that is also wind and water resistant, so it can be used even in rainy weather.

What is Ventile

Ventile was originally deployed for military use by Dalbot Weaving in Lancashire, England.

Ventile is a high-density cotton fabric woven by stretching ultra-fine cotton yarn to the limit and increasing the weaving density to the limit.

At that time, a fighter jet was shot down on an air route at sea and the pilot crashed into the sea, making it difficult to withstand the cold until rescue without waterproof or cold-proof fabrics.

Thus, a driving, dense cotton fabric, Ventile, was born.

The densely woven Ventile repels water and saves pilots’ lives.

Superb, to the point where all sorts of high performance materials have been developed and are being used in military uniforms! It is a genius material.

Features of Ventile

The Ventile, with the highest weave density, has a lot more to offer than just water resistance.




The ventile is waterproof because it prevents water molecules from passing through the gaps between the fibers with a density that prevents them from passing through.

For the same reason, it doesn’t let the wind through. You can stay warm even on cold days.

Although it is waterproof and windproof, it is a mechanism for releasing heat from within.

This is due to the breathability and permeability of cotton.

There is no doubt that you can survive the winter comfortably by keeping the cold out and radiating heat from the inside.

Recommended Popular Ventile Fabric

Recommended Popular Ventile Fabrics Introduction Ventile was originally developed for military use, and due to its high functionality, it is now used in everything from coats and jackets to shoes and bags.

OS2300 Ventile40/2 Gabardine

A slightly thicker, more flexible and resilient material.

It has good luster and crisp texture.

OS2301 Ventile 60/2 Gabardine

Although thinner than OS2300, it has a solid texture due to the dense weave and no loose feeling.

Like OS2300, the gloss is very beautiful.

OS2302 Ventile 40/2 Weather Cloth

Compared to the two GABA products above, it has a matte impression.

Although it has a moderate luster, it is a material that gives the impression of firmness, determination and composure.

OS2303 Ventile 60/2 Weather Cloth

The texture is crisp and slightly thin, with a slightly glossy fabric surface, but with a frosted air.

Compared with OS2302, it is smoother, has less bumpy surface and is softer.


Do you have some understanding of Ventile?

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