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Do you need a lining? I’ll explain here why the lining is on!

Hello, I’m Kayaba an ApparelX News editor.

In this article, I would like to rethink the question, “Do I need a lining?

Unlined jackets are becoming more and more common in the market these days. In some cases, the lining is left out so that the design does not look too formal. Cheap clothes in particular often don’t have linings due to the labor-saving nature of sewing.

Advantages of adding a lining

1. Slippery and gentle to the skin

Lining makes it easier to put on and take off, and does not constrain movement.

In fact, in the case of a tight jacket, if it doesn’t slide well when you put your arm through it, I’m afraid it will tear.

2. Preserve the silhouette of your clothes.

Lining also helps maintain the texture of the outer fabric, which is the face of the garment, as well as the silhouette of the garment itself.

If it keeps its silhouette long time, rather than becoming tattered after just one season of wear, it can be worn for a long time.

3. Less likely to generate static electricity

The humidity is very low in the winter in Japan, and static electricity is very easy to generate.

Static electricity is also said to affect your health, but you don’t want it to simply because it hurts. The function of antistatic is actually one of the most important items of the lining.

4.Keep your clothes clean without damaging them.

The front part of your clothes may get dirty from rainy or windy days, but the dirt is not only on the outside.

Sweat and other stains can migrate to the outer fabric and turn it yellow.

The lining protects the outer fabric and also makes it difficult to lose its shape, as mentioned above.

5. To reduce dampness and stickiness.

Many summer jackets and other items are sold without a lining, but in fact, a lining is sometimes more effective in preventing drafts.

In particular, the feeling of being muddy varies greatly depending on the material and type of lining.


Of course, there are now a lot of uncomfortable jackets and cool looking, unlined clothes available, but it seems that the lining can also create a different quality.

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I have experience in selling at select shop, fitting suits, and sewing in Japan. Currently, I am enjoying working with my one-year-old daughter as she grows up.