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Introduction of Polyester Yarn, the pride of Japan

Hello, I’m Daisuke Kayaba from ApparelX division.

This time, I would like to talk about polyester yarn.

Did you know that there are two main types of polyester yarn?

Spun yarn

It is made by spinning and processing short fibers, and has a soft texture and fluffiness like cotton yarn.

It is suitable for cotton and fabrics with a cotton-like texture.

However, it has a drawback that it is not shiny and not very strong.

Filament yarn

This yarn is made by bundling long fibers and twisting them. It has a silk-like luster and is resistant to tensile stress.

It is suitable for wool and silk-like textures.

It is slightly more expensive than spun yarn.

Twisting of yarn

To make sewing thread, very thin threads are combined and twisted (twisted) into a single thread to increase strength.

Also, the direction of twisting is different between threads for sewing machines and threads for hand sewing.

Sewing machine thread is left-handed (counterclockwise).

Hand sewing thread is right-hand twisted (clockwise).

Both sewing machine and hand sewing threads are naturally twisted while sewing.

If you use thread with the opposite twist, the twist will return to the opposite direction of the twist, causing thread breakage or popping in the machine thread, and flickering or tangling in the hand-sewn thread.

However, there is no reason why machine thread cannot be used for hand sewing.

If you cut your sewing machine thread short, it will be less likely to flicker or tangle.

“Long thread for lousy sewing, small thread for good sewing.”

When sewing by hand, the shorter the thread, the better.

yarn count

The larger the number, the finer the thread count, and the smaller the number, the thicker the thread count.

The thread count is changed according to the thickness of the sewing fabric, but if you choose a slightly finer count, it is easier to blend in with the fabric, and the finished stitch will be more beautiful and less prone to pilling.

Polyester yarn available at ApparelX

Thread for sewing machine

King Polyester Sewing Thread(Industrial)

King Polyester Span (Industrial)

hand-sewn thread

Fine Hand-sewn Thread (For Home Use)

※Of course, we also have a separate type of 100% silk hand sewing thread for high-end men’s wear!

Button thread

High-strength Button Thread


For Stretch fabric
woolly yarn

Resilon 300M For Knit


Let’s find your best polyester yarn on ApparelX!

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