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Introduction: Hook & Loop fastener types in Japan

Hook and loop fasteners are an essential part of our daily lives, but in the Japanese market there are many things you may not know about them, so let’s take a look at them again.

This time we’re going to talk about hook and loop fasteners.

What is a hook and loop fastener?

Hook and loop fasteners? Some of you may be wondering, “What is a hook and loop fastener?

Even if you’re not familiar with the term, I’m sure you have heard of Velcro Tape. In Japan, this name also seems to be common.


There is no doubt that Velcro is the leading manufacturer of hook and loop fasteners.

Founded in Switzerland in 1952 as Velcro S.A., the company is now Velcro USA Inc. with its base in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.


However, the term “MAGIC TAPE” is a trademark and refers to a unique hook and loop.

MAGIC TAPE Ltd. (formerly MAGIC TAPE Co., Ltd.), a subsidiary of Velcro Japan ( Kuraray Co., Ltd.), has been manufacturing and selling MAGIC TAPE under the trademark “MAGIC TAPE” since 1960.

The name “MAGIC TAPE” spread nationwide when it was used on the seats of the Tokaido Shinkansen when it first opened.


Quicklon is a hook and loop fastener manufactured by YKK.

It was introduced in 1981, so it is not as well known as “Velcro”, but it is gaining its popularity because it was produced by YKK, the world’s leading zipper manufacturer.

Quicklon is also characterized by having various types of hook and loop fasteners, from daily use to special design.

Structure of Hook and Loop Fasteners

The basic structure of a hook and loop fastener consists of a hook and loop.

The loop hooks onto the hook, allowing it to be attached and detached.

Hook-and-loop fasteners were found in 1955.

When Georges de Mestras of Switzerland climbed the Alps, he saw the fruit of wild burdock sticking to his clothes and started his research.

Hook-and-loop fasteners are not easily affected by sweat and dust, and there is no risk of the knobs being damaged like ordinary fasteners.

Also, because they are sewn on by machine, they are easier to replace than regular fasteners.

This is why it is used in combat uniforms, space suits, and special suits.

It is said that the Apollo spacecraft was used not only for space suits but also for fixing things inside the ship to the wall.


1QNN-N Standard type hook

This is the most standard type of YKK. This is the hook of the male side.

2QN-N Standard type loop

This is the most standard type of YKK. This is the loop on the female side.

1QS-N Soft type hook

This is a soft type hook (protruding side).

It is softer than the standard hook, and is best for use in areas that come into contact with the skin.

2QM-N Mohair type loop

This is a mohair-type hook (raised side) that also pursues softness.

Recommended for use with the 1QS-N Soft Type Hook.

4QNN-N Q-mate Mixed hook and loop type

This is a mixed type with hook and loop woven into one tape.

Since there is no distinction between hook and loop, there is no mistake in installation.


A8693Y-71 Eco Magic A (HOOK tape)

This is Kuraray’s most standard type. This is the hook on the male side.

B2790Y-00 Ecomagic B (LOOP tape)

This is Kuraray’s most standard type. This is the loop on the female side.

F9820Y.00 Free Magic

A magic tape with hook (male) and loop (female) functions in a single tape.

Available in a wide range of colors, with a total of 39 colors to choose from.


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