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Remarkable YKK Vintage Zipper: “OLD AMERICAN”

We have many articles about YKK in the past, but today let  us present to you the esteemed “OLD AMERICAN” Vintage Zipper, a well-known gem cherished by many in the know.


“OLD AMERICAN” is a faithful reproduction of a zipper that originally graced the United States in the 1940s and 1950s. This vintage zipper has been skillfully replicated by YKK, leveraging their modern expertise, to captivate the hearts of those who appreciate its nostalgic allure.

The cotton tape employed is a meticulous recreation of the original vintage aesthetic, with every intricate detail faithfully preserved. Ensuring impeccable quality, it is crafted with YKK’s contemporary production standards. The sliders are adorned with the iconic “UNIVERSAL” engraving, while the top and bottom stops feature the classic U-shape design that is synonymous with vintage zippers.

The “UNIVERSAL” Engraved Slider

This slider, etched with the renowned “UNIVERSAL” marking, boasts a delightful vintage appearance. Its rugged appeal adds a touch of coolness to the overall aesthetic.

Cotton Tape

The cotton tape is available in a range of 13 captivating colors. While the contemporary polyester tape offers durability, strength, longevity, washability, and convenience, nothing compares to the texture exuded by cotton tape.

When reviving vintage zippers, the choice of color and texture is of utmost importance. It exudes an austere charm!

However, it is important to note that being a natural material, there are certain considerations. As cotton is employed, slight color variation may occur between batches, and its elasticity is higher, so care should be taken to avoid puckering. Furthermore, colorfastness may be lower, necessitating caution to prevent color fading and product dyeing during wash processing.


 Asahi Zipper offers other vintage zippers like [WALDES], and there are also rarities like “TALON,” “SCOVILL,” and “IDEAL.” However, some may be difficult to acquire or limited in stock. If you desire an alternative fastener, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ApparelX.

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