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Types and Usage of Fusible Interlining Tape

In this article, let’s discuss the different types and uses of adhesive interlining tapes, which are essential trims in garment construction.

What is Fusible Interlining Tape?

Fusible interlining tape is a tape-like trim used to reinforce fabrics and enhance sewing work efficiency. It consists of a tape with adhesive on one side that can be ironed onto the fabric. While available in various sizes, the 7mm to 12mm width is commonly used due to its ease of application. Different types of adhesive interlining tapes, such as straight tape, half bias tape, edge-facing tape, and double-sided adhesive tape, serve specific purposes based on the area of use.

Straight Tape

Straight tape is primarily used as an anti-stretch tape because it has minimal elasticity. It is employed in areas that require shape maintenance and reinforcement, such as shoulder lines and zippers. By reinforcing these high-stress areas with anti-stretch tape, fabric overloading and tearing can be prevented. It is particularly useful for maintaining the silhouette in areas where the fabric is prone to stretching, like shoulder lines and sleeve gussets.

Half Bias Tape

Half bias tape is made from adhesive interlining cut on the bias, providing a moderate amount of stretch. It is utilized in curved areas where slight stretch is desired. Common applications include necklines and armholes. It is suitable for preventing excessive stretching in thin fabrics, knits, and materials with moderate elasticity. Although it can be used for stretchy fabrics, its limited stretch should be considered.

Edge-Facing Tape

Edge-facing tape consists of a base made from half bias or elastic tape, with a straight tape of approximately 3mm sewn along the edge. This type of tape, also known as paired tape, is suitable for large curves found in heavy garments like jackets and coats. It provides reinforcement in areas such as armholes and collars.

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-slip tape is used to prevent fabric slippage in thin and smooth materials, such as satin. It reinforces areas prone to slipping, such as slits and side seams of pants, ensuring that the fabric stays in place.

Double-Coated Adhesive Interlining Tape

Double-coated adhesive interlining tape serves multiple purposes, including hemming, temporary fixing when attaching trims or appliques, and sewing reversible fabrics. It is a double-sided adhesive tape with a web-like resin shape. One side is adhered to the fabric, while the other side has a peel-off adhesive where another material can be placed.


Applying adhesive interlining tapes may initially seem tedious, but it ultimately improves work efficiency and preserves the garment’s silhouette. ApparelX offers a wide variety of tapes for different applications. We encourage you to explore and experiment with various tapes to find your favorite and most convenient option.

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