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Description And Introduction Of Grosgrain

Hi, This is Kayaba, an ApparelX News editor.

Today I will explain about grosgrain and introduce some recommended products.

What is grosgrain?

Grosgrain is a tightly and densely woven, plain weave fabric with horizontal ridges.

Depending on the material, it is a thick and solid material with a luxurious finish. It is mainly used for clothing and accessories such as hats, bags, and coats, as well as ribbons.


In clothing, wide grosgrain ribbons are used as waist ornaments on ladies’ dresses.
In men’s clothing, grosgrain is often used on the collar of shirts where it can be casually seen.

Small items include hats and hair accessory decorations such as barrettes.

Grosgrain ribbons are also popular as wrapping materials, and are used for the handles of gift paper bags.


Tapes, ribbons, etc.

SIC-100 Rayon Petasham Ribbon

This is a standard product of grosgrain tape.

There are 12 sizes and 201 colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find the color and size you’re looking for.

There is also a 100mm size available, and I don’t think there are many companies that offer such a large size.*

*Just note that the 100mm is limited to six colors…!


28000 CM30 /-Grosgrain

It is made by removing short fibers from cotton yarns during the spinning process, and uses high quality yarns with little unevenness, strength, and luster. It is a material that gives a sense of luxury when made into clothes.
It is also a popular product because of its firm texture.


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This is a summary of grosgrain.
There is quite a wide range of grosgrain fabrics and tapes available in different materials, so please try searching for them on ApparelX.

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