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Lightweight And Transparent Hair Interlining “Skeleton 2”

Hi, this is Daisuke an ApparelX news editor.

This time, I would like to introduce “Skeleton 2”, an improved version of “Skeleton (EX2000)”, which has been sold for a long time for its lightweight and translucent hair interlining.

We have been selling the “Skeleton” Series of lightweight processed hair interlining for a long time through a series of improvements.

The new “Skeleton 2” retains the advantages of the previous version, but is lighter than the previous version due to the combination of a new base interlining and horse hair interlining.

The features of this product are its light weight and the mesh of the base interlining.

The mesh weave of the interlining provides excellent air permeability in the spring and summer seasons, and in the winter, the large amount of space created by the mesh weave allows more warm air to accumulate, thus maintaining heat retention.

In addition, while maintaining its function as a processed wool interlining, it is the same as conventional products in terms of ease of sewing, dry cleaning resistance, and ironing.

Last but not least, this is the ultimate masterpiece of lightweight processed wool interlining, so why not take this opportunity to try it out?

Lightweight Pre-cut Haircloth Interlining For Men’s Jackets
It’s so thin!

In addition, we also sell the base and horse hair interlining used in Skeleton 2, which are cut to size.

Lightweight Haircloth Interlining For Men’s Jackets
Made In Japan Luxury Horse Hair Interlining

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