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A guide for beginners(I):Japanese Interlining Manufacturers .

When it comes to interlining, it is less exciting than fabric. But we all know, high-end products can not be completed without a good interlining. In this article, our editor team summarized all of the must-know interlining manufacturers in Japan and what kind of products that they are famous for.

Women fashion/Casual wears

Nitto Boseki Advantex Co., Ltd. (Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd.)

Homepage: https://www.nittobo.co.jp/index.html

Nittobo is a manufacturer of adhesive interlinings and adhesive tapes. Nittobo is famous for interlinings for women’s wear and having high fabric standards, adhesive resins, and great color variations.

Nittobo interlining is characterized by its compatibility with various materials and the ease of color matching.

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Asahi Kasei Advance

Home page: https://www.asahi-kasei.co.jp/advance/jp/

You might have heard of Asahi Kasei Bemberg Lining, but do you know that they also produce interlining ? 

Asahi Kasei’s specialty is interlining using knitted fabric base cloth. The interlining of knitted fabric is a unique product for women and casual wear Asahi Kasei manufactures and sells interlining under the brand Apico.

Men wears/Heavy material

Tokai Thermo Co., Ltd.

Home Page http://www.thermofix.co.jp/

Tokai develops interlining, adhesive tape, hair core, shoulder pad, and cotton pad.

Although they usually relate Tokai’s products toward men’s wear, Tokai also has a high variety for interlinings for ladies and uniforms, shoulder pads, and cotton padding. Tokai is also the first company to commercialize general long fiber interlinings.

Regarding hair cores, Tokai is currently one of the few manufacturers in Japan that produce these products.

In terms of environmental friendliness, Tokai is working on measures such as using recycled polyester and raw material colored threads to reduce the environmental load during dyeing, which is a standard product.

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Takoh Co., Ltd.

Home page http://www.takoh.co.jp/

Takoh is a manufacturer of interlinings, hair cores, and processed hair cores. They are also one of the few hair core manufacturers.

Takoh is a manufacturer that specializes in interlining for men and uniforms.

In addition to hair cores with good cost performance, Takoh also manufactures special yarns and high-class hair cores by spinning and weaving at their own factory in Japan.

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Homepage https://www.dynic.co.jp/

Dynic group has an interlining line under the brand “Stayflex” and a brand called “Haronic”.

They are developing a large number of jacket collars under the brand “Haronic” with no opponent in the field.

Non-woven interlining

Japan Vilene Co., Ltd.

Homepage: http://www.vilene.co.jp/

Japan Vilene is a manufacturer of non-woven interlining. “Vilene” means non-woven interlining.

Japan Vilene is a familiar name in the medical field, but in the fashion industry, the non-woven interlining is unrivaled by other companies.

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Kurashiki Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Homepage https://www.kurasen.co.jp/

Kurashiki is a manufacturer specialized in non-woven interlining for clothing under the trademark Crambon.

Shirt Interlining

Kinsen Synthetic Textile Co., Ltd.

Homepage https://www.kinsen-gousen.com/

Kinsen is a manufacturer that mainly develops interlining for shirts.

In addition to the adhesive type, there is also a flash core with 100% cotton that is used in high-end shirts.


Even though they are called  interlining manufacturers, the products handled by each company and their specialty fields are different.. It is important to select a brand that matches the interlining you want to use.

Have you decided the type of interlining for your collection yet? For more interlinings, please visit our Interlining List.

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