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YKK’s exclusive Zippers: How to order one?

When it comes to zippers, everyone must be familiar with YKK. Having the largest share of zippers in Japan, YKK sure gains its popularity both domestically and internationally. 

 Ordering zippers can be confusing for beginners, especially with higher end zippers like Aquaguard and EXCELLA. 

This time, let’s go through EXCELLA’s special features step by step of how to order them.  

YKK EXCELLA® features

EXCELLA® is YKK’s highest grade metal zipper with fully polished elements. 

Unlike other metal zippers, the entire surface of each element of EXCELLA zipper is carefully polished, and the slider slides extremely smooth. EXCELLA can be used for both luggage and fashion goods. 

Excella zippers are usually used in high-class leather wallets, bags, and coats due to the slipperiness of the element. In addition, each element that has been polished one by one is further adapted to slippage and polished as it is used, so it feels more slippery. 

EXCELLA’s quality is durable even after long usage, so EXCELLA is recommended for items that will be used for many years, such as wallets and bags. 

The price of an EXCELLA zipper can be tripple times of a normal metal zipper, but it is worth it due to the quality and the material of the final product .YKK also claims that the gold element is surprising because it uses real gold.

The slider in the photo above is a DA2E slider. The EXCELLA symbol is engraved on the pull tab and the back of the fuselage, a sign of high-end zipper, where every detail is elaborate! 

EXCELLA chain type

 There are two types of chain, the delicate single type and the luxury double type that is twice as thick as a single. 

Comparing single and double, the single type has a delicate impression, while the double type has a higher density of elements and thicker feeling. 

EXCELLA Element color variation

There are 12 colors of Excella elements. 

Popular colors worth mentioning are nickel silver (P), antique silver(H1,H3) and shiny black(X7). 

Among all, pink gold is the highest -class color. The reason for the soaring price is that it is difficult to reproduce the color of pink gold, and the plating process is complicated and costly. 

(Pink gold is only available in closed-end option) 

EXCELLA Item Variation 

The above variations are the ones that could be selected when ordering. 

Please note that the variation of Japan YKK can be slightly different. 

How to order an YKK zipper

Since Excella is not an in stock item, most of EXCELLA orders will be factory manufactured by YKK. Even YKK only has black tape color in stock, so it is recommended to expect a long lead time. 

Here is the flow of ordering YKK EXCELLA zippers: EXCELLA order is placed -> Contacting YKK for specify lead time-> Confirm lead time with customers, usually after 1-2 business day ( Cancellation is only possible before the factory manufacturing start, so please check your email frequently!) -> Final product check & shipping. 

 We hope you have a better glance about YKK and EXCELLA zippers. Visit our YKK product list for more information about EXCELLA zippers.  

Hi guys, this is Jane, the editor of ApparelX News. As a foreigner living in Tokyo, I hope my posts will help international readers get an overview about Japanese fashion industry as well as Japanese culture!
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  1. Матвей says:

    A typical 14-inch “invisible” YKK nylon zipper (the kind that disappears behind fabric when you zip up the back of a dress) costs about 32 cents. For an apparel maker designing a garment that will cost $40-$65 to manufacture, and will retail for three times that much or more, it’s simply not worth it to skimp. “The last thing we want to do is go with a competitor to save eight or nine cents per zipper and then have those zippers pop,” says Steve Clima, Turk’s senior production manager. “The cost difference just isn’t enough given the overall margins.”

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