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A guide for beginners(II): Japanese pocket lining manufacturers.

If you are into men’s fashion, especially formal wear like suits, you must be familiar with pocket lining. Pocket lining is usually used in men’s suits like jackets, pants and vests. You can find them in the bag-shaped part inside various pockets for example, waist, chest, inside etc. In this article, our editor team summarized all of the must-know pocket lining manufacturers in Japan and their most popular products.

Ueyama Textile Co., Ltd.

Address: 4-1-16 Omiyadori, Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture

Homepage: https://www.ueyama.net/

Beside pocket lining, Ueyama Textile also produces fabrics (mainly shirt fabrics) and boasts a great product variety.

The highlight is the variation of the striped pocket lining.This is also connected to the fact that they manufacture waist interlining in-house (customized).

Of course, Ueyama also covers standard products such as the TC series, No. 4 series, and Sugiaya series.

Visit here for  Ueyama Textile Product Page

Hiroyuki Kato Co., Ltd.

Address: 1-8-32 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

Company HP: None

Hiroyuki Kato Co., Ltd. manufactures higher quality pocket linings.

They have unique and modern pocketling such as Akiko pocketling and thick pocketling, including [8095 high-grade thin pocketling] [8070 high-grade pocketling].

Mr. Kato, the president of the company, stated that “When using a large amount of cotton , we consider the lot blurring more than the cost. We pay close attention to prevent lot blurring as much as possible and to protect the product delicately”.

The more complicated processes there are, the higher the cost will be, but the vividness of the colors makes Hiroyuki Kato a popular pocketling manufacturer.

Visit here for  Hiroyuki Kato’s products page.

Tokai Textile Co., Ltd.

Address: 3-4-21 Taiko, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

Homepage: None

Tokai Textile Co., Ltd. has a large number of customers who use the standard [500 pocket lining (No. 4 s)] [700 pocket lining] [1000 pocketling]. Tokai may be the most familiar pocket lining manufacturer!

In addition to the above pocket lining, they also have standard fabric and loomstates, and other basic pocket linings.

Visit here for Tokai textile product page

Maruhachi Co., Ltd.

Address: 1-1-17 Omiya, Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture

Homepage : None

Maruhachi Co., Ltd. has 30 to 40 types of pocket lining such as brushed shavings, canvas and rayon mixed shavings as well as the standard pocket lining.

Maruhachi has pocket lining with various thickness textures so that they can be used properly according to the purpose and texture of the product, most of them are recommended as pocketling for tailors suits.

The color variety is also unique and the astringent color is very impressive.

Visit here for  Maruhachi’s product page


If you visit ApparelX, you will be able to discover  that the pocket lining you have been using is made by such a company! Most pocket lining manufacturers are long-established, traditional stores, and a lot of the companies do not have a home page. It is difficult for international consumers when it comes to researching these manufacturers.

Have you decided the type of pocket lining for your collection yet? For more pocket lining, please visit Pocket Lining list.

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