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Functional textiles you should not miss for this summer: CoolMax Technology

Hi guys, this is Jane again. 

As a fashion lover, we can not thank enough for the invention of functional textiles, where technology and fashion give us the perfect combination. To continue with the functional textiles series, let’s talk about COOLMAX since summer has come and it is getting hotter everyday. 

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What is COOLMAX? 

Found in 1986 by Lycra, COOLMAX is the brand of polyester fibers that aims to help us with the heat. The cooling technology created by permanent moisture wicking and breathable in our clothing. 

Capillary action

Coolmax claims to dry 5 times faster than cotton.The most important feature is the cross-section of the fiber. The cross-section of the yarn has a special non-round shape, causing capillary action. Capillary action quickly absorbs sweat. →Perspiration is quickly absorbed by capillary action and evaporated by excellent air permeability. →The temperature of the upper surface of the fabric is lowered by the heat of vaporization during evaporation→Because of its good air permeability, the breeze that passes through the lowered surface of the fabric feels good.

Easy care fabric with excellent features

One of the main features of COOLMAX® is its excellent easy care ability.

First of all, it has moisture absorption and quick-drying properties, which are great for daily care, and of course, it can be ironed with a cloth. Also, it has outstanding fabric stability.

No wonder why COOLMAX started out as sportswear but became popular in men’s fashion.

Popular choice of COOLMAX fabric on ApparelX

BY1798 Coolmax 60/2 Ripstop Stretch

A fabric of COSMO. This is highly elastic, water-absorbent and quick-drying, on the authentic ripstop, it is a modern product that combines a sophisticated casual feel but functionality at the same time

SB2030 COOLMAX ALL Fabric Twill Stretch

Coolmax All-Season Technology keeps you cool and dry when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, providing a comfortable fit all year round. This is a product of Shibaya

SBY30009 Cotton / COOLMAX Rib Stretch

Another fabric of Shibaya. This ripstop textile using Coolmax. It is a functional material that has both stretchability and moisture absorption and quick-drying characteristics unique to Coolmax.

12770Cotton Blend Mock Roddy(Coolmax® Fabric)

Coolmax® fabric with excellent water absorption and quick drying using Lycra T400® fiber. A slightly medium-thick knit material with a high gauge and clean surface.  Its moderate elasticity and firm texture made it a popular product of Sunwell. 

12838Cotton Blend Knit Seersucker(Coolmax Fabric)1

Another popular choice from Sunwell. A high-performance material with excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties, and the unevenness of sheer seersucker gives a refreshing feeling. Slightly thin, soft and silky texture provides a comfortable fit. The striped pattern and the check pattern that can be used for a wide range of items.

909 Coolmax Seersucker

Smooth and soft to the touch, and is cool and comfortable to wear. A material suitable for summer from VANCET.

Coolmax’s water absorption and quick-drying properties not only make the inside of the mask more comfortable, but also make it easy to wash and dry, making it a good material for cloth masks that can be washed and used repeatedly.What is your favorite functional fabric that you discovered recently? For more cooling fabrics, please visit our Cool and Refreshing fabric Page.  

Hi guys, this is Jane, the editor of ApparelX News. As a foreigner living in Tokyo, I hope my posts will help international readers get an overview about Japanese fashion industry as well as Japanese culture!

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