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Information 22 Spring/Summer of Takisada Nagoya men’s clothing fabric

Hello, this is Kayaba an APX News editor.

This time, we would like to inform you about the 22SS season of Takisada Nagoya mens fabric.

We visited Takisada Nagoya to learn about their new fabrics and overall directional theme.

Directional theme “Choice is Yours”

New habits and lifestyles will take root in 2022
There will be a growing need for basic, yet comfortable, functional, and sustainable products, but consumers will become more cautious in their purchases
The key is to confront the individual and give them options that meet their needs

Translated from original in Japanese

The directional theme was based on the end-user’s preferences, and the fabrics on display were basic yet functional, eco-friendly, and a full range of products that manufacturers could choose from based on the end-user’s preferences. I think it is only a big company that can offer such a wide range of products.

Three sub-themes

The main theme above is further divided into three themes.

  • MOVE
  • STAY+
  • FLOW

Here they are in order.


Be active and smart in every situation.

Translated from original in Japanese

The products on display were characterized by their solid urban colors and were suitable for daily use, sports and athleisure. (Of course, there are other colors available for each product number in addition to the gray tone on display.

The blouson in the photo above is made of 2-43751 CORDURA COMBATWOOL ripstop.

It has a moderate crispness, but with the elegance unique to wool, so when used in casual items, it creates a sophisticated atmosphere.


Relaxing and relaxing situations for a more comfortable and pleasant experience

Translated from original in Japanese

Most of the products were made of knitted materials, but high-quality materials such as products using imported yarns caught my attention.

The hoodie shown in the photo is made of 1077018 Mochimochi Fleece Hyper Stretch.

This fabric is chunky and soft, and can create a soft impression even with an over-the-top silhouette.

This REDA ACTIVE plain knit is made of 100% wool jersey.

Although it is thin, it is very comfortable to the touch.

Wool is a natural functional material, so cut and sewn products made of wool are available in the inner products of outdoor brands. I personally recommend this material because it has a relaxed yet elegant feel that only cut-and-sew material can provide.

The product on the inside of the torso made of 1077038 ALBINI Cotton Cashmere Tereko. It is a cotton-cashmere tereko material made with Corcoran yarn and cashmere from Albini in Italy. It is a material with a luxurious feel that also has the unique wetness of cashmere.

The picture on the right shows the Fleece used Albini Corcoran yarn. It is characterized by its moist yet clear look.


Increase sensitivity and keep up with the times

Translated from original in Japanese

Checked and trendy colored fabrics were on display.

For the past few years, due to the coronavirus, subdued colors have been the trend even in the spring and summer seasons, but from next year, bright colors will gradually appear in menswear.

The material in the photo on the left is made of high-twisted yarn and has a dry touch similar to linen. It is a functional material that has antibacterial and deodorant properties in addition to stretching properties.

The material in the photo on the right is Niwa Tadashi’s wool gaba, which has a unique elasticity. Niwa Tadashi’s wool is loved by big overseas maisons and famous domestic brands. It has a firm drape or bounce to it, which makes it perfect for structured designs.


Thank you for reading to the end.

At Takisada Nagoya, each section is actively communicating via SNS.

They also posts information on Instagram, so why not take a look?

Takisada Nagoya’s fabrics are now available at APPARELX. We will continue to register products as needed, so please take a look.

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