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Japanese Manufacturer you should know(4): Takisada Nagoya

Hi guys, it is Jane again! So it has come to the 4th article of this series. For more information VANCET, SUNWELL and Uni Textile please visit here to read the previous articles.

 If you are new to Japanese textile industry, you must be overwhelmed by the number of fabric & accessories manufacturers here. In this series, I will guide you to a list of manufacturers you might come across, hope you can have a glance of the overall market and choose your favourite.

Recently a new manufacturer has become an ApparelX member, Takisada Nagoya. Takisada Nagoya is a super popular textile manufacturer in Japan, that we can not wait to introduce to our global members!

Founded in 1864, TAKISADA-NAGOYA has traversed more than 150 years of history. This company, which was started by the first generation Sadasuke Taki from a family business that operated a fabric and drapery wholesaler business, has changed its business areas and management environment with the times and currently functions as a trading company specializing in textiles that performs the entire range of business functions from planning and development to procurement, production, and sales of various types of clothing, fabric, apparel, and similar items. They are now expanding into markets in regions across Europe, America, and Asia. Their manufacturing capabilities enable  to materialize the ideas into seasonal products and deliver them to stores in a timely manner under reliable quality and delivery management. With the concept of “Fabrics, accessories, all in one Takisada Nagoya provides a one-stop shop for the customers’ textile needs, and deliver products to the customers in a timely manner with world-standard quality control and delivery.

Beside womenswear and menswear fabrics, Takisada Nagoya also apparel line that produce menswear, womenswear, casual clothing, sleepwear, bedding and interior accessories, baby and children’s clothing.

Expanding on Global Scale, Takisada Nagoya also has overseas office like TAKISADA(SHANGHAI), TAKISADA(CAMBODIA), TAKISADA(VIETNAM) and TAKISADA EUROPE B.V.

Takisada Nagoya also does exhibition for new collection every year. Check out our article about the newest 2022 SS Takisada Nagoya Collection!

Takisada Nagoya main office in Nagoya, Japan.

Let see what is the most high demand fabric of Takisada Nagoya on ApparelX, shall we ?    

1032350 Vintage Sheep Bore

1069011 Soalon Triacetate Twill Stretch

1077038 ALBINI Cotton Cashmere Tereko

What is your favorite Japan manufacturer that you discovered recently? For more Takisada Nagoya fabrics, please visit our Takisada Nagoya Products List.          

Hi guys, this is Jane, the editor of ApparelX News. As a foreigner living in Tokyo, I hope my posts will help international readers get an overview about Japanese fashion industry as well as Japanese culture!

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